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  1. should get my new beans today and aim to start on grind 8, 19g. Aiming for 38g output in 30secs. Do you guys include the preinfusion time in the 30 second target time? I've watched videos online and think the consensus is you start the timer when the coffee and water first make contact which is at the preinfusion stage. Thanks
  2. Just ordered a bag from Ozone, would you say grind size 11 would be a good place to start? (I think that's what was used in the video)
  3. really enjoyed the video and some good points made by Tunn300 I'm still struggling with this machine but getting better, I'm sure its the coffee I'm using and I just need to spend more. I'm currently using Solimo from Amazon which is £10 for 2kg. Im on grind 2, 19.1g for 38g - 42g out in 30 secs. (I only drink Americano) I read the manual the other day to see how many grams we should be using and from memory I think it said 20-22g? I can remember thinking I have to use a funnel to get 19 g in without it making a right mess everywhere.
  4. I invested in a used Acaia Lunar Expresso scale which is V expensive and overkill for what I eventually ended up using it for. When I bought it I thought I'd use the App and the automatic timer which starts when it recognises the start of an Expresso pour. In reality, the App was awful and the timer starts during the start of the pour and does not include pre infusion and accounting for that turned out to be a PITA, especially when the Barista Pro shows a timer when you pour (unfortunately the time disappears very quick but I'm used to looking out for it now)
  5. Hi Alex, thanks for the info I bought another two bags and have been practicing a lot but changed to Americanos from Expresso, here's my info More info I've started measuring 20g of coffee beans and grinding till empty, I usually stop every 5 seconds to shake and flatten the ground coffee If all the coffee hasn't been ground, I manually push the portafilter until it's clear then re weigh. (that results in Final Dose) Total Extraction time includes Pre Infusion Hope it helps someone
  6. PJ03029174


    Hi Aileen, not sure if you’ve seen the post I started a day or two ago about recommended settings for supermarket beans for the Barista Pro but I got through a whole bag of ‘Starbucks Blonde Expresso’ beans on the weekend and couldn’t dial it in. I got a bag of freshly roasted (triple the price mind) beans and dialled it in within 3 shots. The best shot I managed out of the supermarket bean was to increase the dose and extend the extraction a little longer than usual. pete
  7. Thanks for the input -mac- im okay with the 19, but what does the following -10g mean? Not sure if it’s a typo and you meant 19-20g Or if I’m missing something? thanks
  8. Fresh coffee made a big difference, using the grind 4 was way to fine and I hardly got any coffee out. Upped it to 6 and tested but might need to go to 7. Also a new toy from the states arrived today which is a 53mm distributor / tamper 2 in one which I think will really help me with my consistency. Very impressed with it so far.
  9. thanks for the help, I actually noticed a post on another thread which recommended a higher dose and longer pull for older beans and this seemed to help last nigh, still a bit rough but better than anything I was getting at 17g I'm going to try the beans that were roasted 3 weeks ago tonight and see how I get on with them.
  10. Fair call, maybe Supermarket beans are a big no go .. Prod date = 18/09/2019 Best Before = 13/05/2020 I have a bag of "Square Mile, Red Brick" arriving tomorrow which was roasted 19/11/19 so will try with that. Was hoping to practice with the cheap stuff but it looks like that was a bad idea ..
  11. Hi About a week ago I purchased a Barista Pro which I'm having trouble dialling in. I've only ever drank Americano's in work and the odd Expresso. I've already gone through a bag of John Lewis Ethiopian Lumu beans and decided to get two bags of "Starbucks Blond Expresso" to improve my dialling in skills. I got through a hole bag today without getting a nice shot out of it. I'm very much a beginner but even though I was going pretty fine on the grind (5 for example) on some tests, I was struggling to get the 30s shot duration. I think initially this might have been bad tamping on my part
  12. Hi, my names Pete and i’ve Just joined. I’ve moved from French Press to Moka to my first Expresso machine (Sage Barista Pro) in the recent Black Friday deals. Really looking forward to starting a new hobby and the results are already better than anything I’ve managed to produce previously.
  13. About a week, just bought a Sage Barista Pro and this site has been a great resource.
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