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  1. UK UPDATE: Now available to purchase We are pleased to be finalising our agreement to commence a partnership in the UK to distribute Kaffelogic and provide after sales service etc. An announcement will be made in the next few weeks. In the meantime we are taking orders to supply Kaffelogic direct from factory until distribution is confirmed. Any warranty, after sales service will transfer to our distributor once they are fully set up, in the meantime our support team are available at all times. Our next production build will commence mid May with deliveries from this batch occurring in throughout June. This batch is nearly sold out so please get your orders in if you wish to have your Kaffelogic delivered from this batch. Our next production is scheduled for Mid/ Late June with dispatch occurring throughout July. You may purchase your Kaffelogic here: https://kaffelogic.com/home/international-shop Other good places to check out Kaffelogic are: Kaffelogic Users Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2882805995374165 This is growing every week with new users joining. A great place to check in and see what other users are doing or to ask questions. Kaffelogic Community Page: https://kaffelogic.com/community/index.php There is plenty of valuable information and subject threads here. Register to engage directly or start your own subject matter thread. Kaffelogic Support Page: https://kaffelogic.com/home/support You will find everything from manuals, Studio software downloads and updates, manuals etc. Note: Even if you don't currently own a Kaffelogic you are able to download Kaffelogic Studio Profiling Software to get a feels for its great features. Kaffelogic Blog: https://kaffelogic.com/home/blog Check out our blog section, some really interesting content that provides greater insights into the detail behind the product. As always please dont hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] should you have ANY questions for any of our team. All the best from the KL Team
  2. KAFFELOGIC UPDATE Hi Everyone Well our Kickstarter campaign has finished and whilst we didnt quite reach our target, the response from backers in the UK, Ireland and Europe has been fantastic. The good news is we are proceeding with our launch into global markets regardless. All Kickstarter Backers have been emailed an offer to pre-order their Kaffelogic at the Kickstarter price level they secured. We are pleased to say that after 2 days the response has been overwhelming. So, we are now opening up pre-orders to everyone. You can pop onto https://kaffelogic.com/home/international-shop to order your new Nano 7e machine complete with CE approval. The price is NZ $1400.00 plus a heavily subsidised shipping cost of NZ$50.00. Our production run for pre-orders is commencing in 2-3 weeks and we will start shipping of units in June so it will be first in first served. We will be scheduling another stock build for July with shipping in August so those who miss this first pre-order will be including in the second round of production. In other news, we anticipate making announcements regarding long term distribution partnerships within UK and Europe within the next 2-3 weeks. This will mean a local business to assist with all after sales service, parts supply, tech support etc. In addition to this our NZ team will always be close at hand for all customers needing support. As a business we are extremely focused on customer support, and our track record backs this up. So be assured that our support team is there to answer any questions no matter how basic or complicated. Its taken us a while but we are finally able to supply this wonderful product internationally so we thanks everyone for their patience. As a small business deep in the South Pacific under the cloud that Covid has presented, it has been a challenge to get us to where we are today. However, in many ways Covid has brought our community closer together proving that every cloud can indeed have that silver lining! If anyone has any questions regarding Kaffelogic, its features or otherwise, please direct these to [email protected] or pop a question up here. I will keep posting updates here to keep everyone informed. Best Wishes from New Zealand John, Chris, Wayne and the rest of the Kaffelogic Team.
  3. KAFEELOGIC NANO 7, BENCHTOP COFFEE ROASTER: A history of the product and the people behind it. Kaffelogic was designed and developed by Chris Hilder, a software developer from Dunedin, New Zealand. A coffee lover, Chris became frustrated with the lack of quality consistency of supermarket coffee. He started home roasting as many do, on a popcorn maker, but with very mixed results which further added to his frustrations. He realised that to produce the results he wanted he must develop a roast control system and software to drive it. The Kaffelogic Nano7 was born but it's heart and soul is the Studio roast profiling software. This is what really sets the Kaffelogic apart from any other roaster in it price bracket. Fast forward 5 years and Kaffelogic has completed further development work, product and performance validation, established a high tech production facility based in Christchurch, and gathered a professional business team of coffee industry experts with big plans to bring Kaffelogic to the world. Part of this methodology has been to establish sales in our NZ and Aus test markets, as well as a select number of global 'Beta Testers' to further trial the product. The has resulted in over 500 kaffelogics being in use around the globe today. March 2021 has brought about the official launch of Kaffelogic into UK/ Ireland, Europe and Asia with our 220-230volt version. A further campaign to launch a 100-120volt version for Nth America and Japan is planned for mid 2021. What are our plans post Kickstarter regarding sales and service? Be assured that you will, in time, have a sales and service agent close to you. All Kickstarter customers will be well looked after by our customer service team until we have local appointments confirmed. Covid has certainly slowed this process. How to purchase NOW? Just back our Kickstarter project at this address: www.kaffelogic.com/kickstarter Check out our campaign page for more information or at our website , www.kaffelogic.com. Many thanks John
  4. Hi Guys, thanks for you comments. Pop onto our website then select blog and you will see a discussion paper around our RTD profiles and the work we've done over many, many months to achieve these results. The precise nature to the Kaffelofic control system combined with the OS within our Studio software is the key. Please do have a read of our blog on the subject and don't hesitate to make contact with our support team if you want further insights. Cheers and thanks John
  5. Kaffelogic Nano 7: Now on Kickstarter! The Team here at Kaffelogic are very pleased to announce that we are now live on Kickstarter across UK and Ireland, Europe and Asia. Click below for more information and details about how you can now obtain your very own Kaffelogic via the campaign. And for those North American and Japanese customers, we havnt forgotten about you, a second campaign is anticipated with your own voltage version around mid 2021. More importantly we have opened this thread to provide information and a forum for you to ask any questions about Kaffelogic. Kaffelogic has been available in New Zealand and Australia for 2 years now. In effect, these markets have been our testing grounds where we have been able to fine tune the product to be the excellent roaster it is. We now have over 500 users roasting on the Kaffelogic with some amazing results, so there are plenty of reviews for you to make your own mind up about how good Kaffelogic really is. We have happy users from competitive baristas to top roasters as well as novice home users who have never roasted coffee before. Our customers are finding the batch size perfect for sample roasting and general home user supply whilst our Studio profiling software is opening up huge possibilities all users, especially commercial roasters. We will talk about many of our features in posts to come. Feel free to ask questions here, or pop onto our website to explore the many great features that Kaffelogic has. Or find our 'user community' and 'user facebook group' to hook up with customers who are using the product, don't just take word for it! We look forward to your comments and questions. Many thanks, Chris, John, Wayne and the rest of the Kaffelogic team.
  6. Hi guys Yes, we have been doing some trials with glass chimneys and lids with some really good success. These are very likely to part of our product enhancement program for release early next year. Our Beta testers will be informed and encouraged to provide feedback. We have considerable R&D going on as I write this. Jump onto our community page or join the KL facebook page to keep abreast of developments. Other news is we are very close to achieving CE certification. We hope to have the lab report in the coming weeks and then its a matter of passing through the red tape for registration. We are also developing the 100V- 120V version for North America and Japan and are confident Kaffelogic will be available for resale in those markets by mid 2021'ish. We will not be establishing a distributor in the UK or Europe until we have all our ducks in a row including having CE / UK certification in the bag, realistically this will likely be early in 2021. We do have a major announcement to make (probably before Christmas) about the official global release of Kaffelogic in 2021, so keep an eye on different channels or join our newsletter sign-up to stay informed. 2021 will be huge for us with what we have planned! And finally, we receive requests from customers around the world to purchase Kaffelogic everyday. Most are happy to wait, but we do have a selected few who have become part of our Beta Test program. So, message us if this is of interest. Thanks John
  7. Hi Guys I thought I would come back into the world that is CoffeeForumsUK! My name is John Robson and I am the Sales and Marketing guy at Kaffelogic. We have been observing this discussion around Kaffelogic for some time, so now it is time to speak up! Firstly, the fact that Dave C has chosen not to publish his review yet should be viewed without coming to any conclusion about the product. There are some good reasons for this which Dave has explained to us in an email which we may well share. It has however generated some speculation but I believe our existing customers will eventually answer these as time goes on. After all we now have in excess of 500 units around the world , with users ranging from novice roasters to industry leaders. Most users are in our initial New Zealand and Australia markets but we also have a number of 'beta' testers in many countries. (24 countries in fact) With regards to global availability we will have CE approval within the next 4-8 weeks we hope. It is with the test Lab as I write this. We obviously do already have NZ/ Aus approval so the CE extension will be a walk in the park. And we will move to a 100-120V version and UL during 2021. Dave was sent a machine a year ago, and as we are a progressive company there have been various improvements made within this time frame. Read into this as you will, but by the time we are formerly selling into Europe and the rest of the World some of the small niggly wee issues will have been resolved and this will be reflected in the unit. I should point out that were minor but we aim for perfection. Also, if you find the Kaffelogic Communuty pages then you will find the huge amount of work that has been around core profiling etc. The machine now comes with a standard set of 13 different core profiles. This is proving great additional value for customers. And finally, to those wondering WHEN you will be able to buy Kaffelogic min your part of the world, please hang on as we will be announcing this as soon as we have our 'ducks in a row'. One thing is for certain, we will have a big official launch in the first quarter of 2021. I can promise some big things in terms of how we launch and some great new features that Kaffelogic will have for you! I will be checking in here from time to time to feel free to post any questions and I'll try to answer (within the rules) NOTE to Moderators. Please advise if this post is pushing the boundaries. I just want to be informative to potential customers, rather than advertorial. We are very lucky here in New Zealand that we pretty much have Covid under control, so our ability to progress the product has not been affected in any way. If anything, interest in home roasting really has increased quite dramatically since March. In the meantime, I hope everyone is safe and well where ever you are. John
  8. Thanks MildredM, and yes, I will indeed start a thread around Kaffelogic in the very near future. I may have unintentionally pushed the boundaries of this forum with my earlier comments as far as directly promoting the product, so many apologies to those members. I have actually tried to remove my post but unsure how to do this.... ? In the meantime I am happy to answer any direct questions about Kaffelogic that members may have, if this is allowed. Regards from New Zealand.
  9. Kaffelogic should be available in UK stores sometime in 2020. In the meantime they can indeed to purchased direct from NZ being the best bet. An email to the company will steer you in the right direction of a retailer who is set up to export. And Kaffelogic is chalk and cheese when compared with Gene Cafe, a more direct comparison is with Ikawa but at a fraction of the price. Kaffelogic is a true plug and play option which opens the world of in home coffee roasting up to novices and professional alike.
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