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  1. Hi guys Yes, we have been doing some trials with glass chimneys and lids with some really good success. These are very likely to part of our product enhancement program for release early next year. Our Beta testers will be informed and encouraged to provide feedback. We have considerable R&D going on as I write this. Jump onto our community page or join the KL facebook page to keep abreast of developments. Other news is we are very close to achieving CE certification. We hope to have the lab report in the coming weeks and then its a matter of passing through the red tape for reg
  2. Hi Guys I thought I would come back into the world that is CoffeeForumsUK! My name is John Robson and I am the Sales and Marketing guy at Kaffelogic. We have been observing this discussion around Kaffelogic for some time, so now it is time to speak up! Firstly, the fact that Dave C has chosen not to publish his review yet should be viewed without coming to any conclusion about the product. There are some good reasons for this which Dave has explained to us in an email which we may well share. It has however generated some speculation but I believe our existing customers will even
  3. Thanks MildredM, and yes, I will indeed start a thread around Kaffelogic in the very near future. I may have unintentionally pushed the boundaries of this forum with my earlier comments as far as directly promoting the product, so many apologies to those members. I have actually tried to remove my post but unsure how to do this.... ? In the meantime I am happy to answer any direct questions about Kaffelogic that members may have, if this is allowed. Regards from New Zealand.
  4. Kaffelogic should be available in UK stores sometime in 2020. In the meantime they can indeed to purchased direct from NZ being the best bet. An email to the company will steer you in the right direction of a retailer who is set up to export. And Kaffelogic is chalk and cheese when compared with Gene Cafe, a more direct comparison is with Ikawa but at a fraction of the price. Kaffelogic is a true plug and play option which opens the world of in home coffee roasting up to novices and professional alike.
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