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  1. So, had a mate over yesterday whos much more experienced than me and has had a sage for ages. After playing with it for a few hours his conclusion is that it's faulty as well Basically not getting the resistance we should - it's unable to choke in any situation. Grinder is fine apparently, courseness as expected. But always too much water coming through, and coffee always too bitter no matter what we do NB. Thus was with November roasted beans
  2. Dual wall basket made a huge difference. MUCH better cup of coffee and quantity of water with these beans... Question then becomes, what's the downside of using this basket in future?
  3. Thanks - I already ordered some fresh beans as I'd never have bought these anyway (perils of leaving the wife to the shopping while away!), but it would be good to know how to open and adjust the burr for future reference - do you know where i would find these instructions? When you say pressurised basket do you mean the dual layer one? What difference does that actually make (I note it says for pre-ground...)
  4. I mean, half a mug is water, minimal room for the milk
  5. Okay, i don't have that accurate a scales, but i got roughly 18g on grind size 5 and 22g on grind size 2 On both however the coffee quantity was nearly 8x at 120g I'm tamping the buggery out of it to compact it enough on the grind size 5, far less son on grind size 2 In none of these cases would i say the shots are too weak (quite the opposite but this could just be the crappy beans), just too much water... do you think it's as simple as reducing the amount of water passing through?
  6. There is an external range adjustment wheel, not sure on internal, but I'm not seeing anything in the manualhttps://www.breville.com/content/dam/breville/ca/assets/miscellaneous/instruction-manual/espresso/BES880-instruction-manual.pdf Apparently grind size goes to 30 though! (and I'm at 1) The coffee amount is just given to me in seconds - I'll try weigh the next one, but what should I be putting in? Also what should the weight of a final shot be?
  7. Don't shoot me but they're just some Lavatzzia that my wife picked up while I was out of the country
  8. Same problem too - just posted a new thread before coming across this... any help?!
  9. New member here - hi! We just 'upgraded' from a Delonghi Magnifica Bean to Cup to a Sage Barista Touch and so far I havent been that successful. We previously had a Delonghi manual with separate grinder so understand the 'basics' of a tamp etc but on the Sage I just don't seem to be able to get it right... The instructions on the machine say that extraction should start at around 7 seconds and if not then lower the grind, but even on the finest grind setting it's only kicking in at 5 seconds, and I'm still getting too much water with my shot. Can anyone give me some advice on what I'm doing wrong? I'm unable to grind any finer (and seems odd that it should scale from "too course for anything" down to "not fine enough") Thanks
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