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  1. Jam1e1

    Todays Roast

    hi starting to get the hang of using my Gene Cafe 101 Beans: Ana Sora natural, 230g in, 193g out, c16% loss. Ambient 8c. Went for 240c set point. Held at 150c to 5min then set to 240c. Target profile: 240c to FC, hold 60s then drop to 232c for 1-2min, aiming for medium/dark brown colour - Im aiming to get the blueberry flavour out of beans. Actual Profile: 2m 128, 4m 150, 6m 180, 8m 188, 10m 213, 12m 222, 14m 230 16m 234. FC at 15m, held for about 60s then went to 232 for 2m. Questions/advice needed: Not sure why this batch didnt get to 240c quicker. The FC seemed to happen below 240c, ie was about 233ish however beans were starting to go medium brown. If i hold to try to hit 240 beans will overcook, hence any advice what to do when this occurs? As an observation on my last roast, i went for 200g of same bean, got to 237c at 11m, hence was able to hit target profile quicker and hold at higher roast temperature. Taste: note i was keen to try rather than wait a bit longer for flavour to develop, so far i seem to get a relatively acidic, slight toast, slight floral but not really blueberry coming out - want help to get a profile that gets blueberry out. thanks Jamie
  2. Brilliant thanks all for the comments very much appreciated. I’ve got the supplement manual written by Dave so will go back to that. I think for next time I’ll got more on look and feel rather and adjust accordingly. I’ll also try to drop down to 200g and see how these go - they are natural beans not washed , as I tried both roasted from HB and the natural had way more flavour for batch I tried in my opinion. Once got through these beans I’ll repost progress, may not be for another week or so Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. hi So this is my first roast, having acquired the Gene from a fellow CFUK member! Ive done a little bit of research on here, youtube and google to get a starter. Machine: Gene Cafe CBR101 Unmodified Beans: Ana Sora Ethiopian from Hasbean. (2kg - see pic) Weighed out 220g for roasting Profile i was aiming for: Target temperature 2: 240°C until the first crack Target temperature 3: 220°C until the end Batch 1: Started by warming up the Gene to about 150c, ambient temperature in garage 8c Profile / notes: 5m 200c 6m 210c 7m 215c 8m 220c 9m 223c green / light browning 10m 228c light brown 11m 230 12m 235c medium light brown 13m 238c 14m 240c medium brown, then cracking (think second and i missed the first crack) 15m 237c - beans quickly went from dark brown to blacking with more smoke I then cooled machine down using cool cycle and cleaned out chaff. Results: overall i went over the planned duration and i think missed the first crack and when second came, i was a bit too late to turn down temperature, so stopped machine and poured beans into metal sieve to cool. The results are in photo with 2 pans, its the darker batch on the left. Determined to improve, went on to roast a second batch of the same green beans. Batch 2: 230g - same profile as before Profile / notes: 1m 140c 2m 165c 3m 180c 4m 192c 5m 201c Green light brown 6m 207c green med brown 7m 213c 8m 216c green med dark 9m 220c very light brown 10m 225c light brown 11m 232c light medium brown 12m 232c med brown 13m 240c med brown first crack i think - left for 60s 14m 215c after set to 220c 15m pressed stop and removed from roaster into sieve for cooling Results: These came out much better and results are in the pan picture on right. I noticed its hard to spot first crack being new to roasting. Also surprised how quick beans go from dark brown to black, hence a lot more careful on 2nd roast. Ive left both batched to cool and rest for 24 hours in unsealed glass container. Taste: Whilst i want to leave for 24h first as seen others do to degas, wanted to try regardless to see how flavours evolved. Ground 15g in vario at setting 6 which is usual aeropress setting. Brewed for 1m30s then pressed through fine metal filter.Noted there was loads of crema as per aeropress picture. Taste was a strong blueberry/plum taste and quite sweet with little bitterness, almost a bit 'sugary'. Either way in my opinion tasted really good, though lacked a bit of 'depth' that usually get - my guess was due to not leaving 24 hours. Couple of questions / help: - Roasting - How do people listen out for first crack / when would you usually expect to hear? - Roasting - How do you best determine the 'sweet' spot to turn down temperature, and how long leave after - overall im aiming for a light-medium roast colour like that on right - Batch 1 - are these over roasted/ bin ready or are they ok for espresso? - Batch 2 - any comments to improve approach / roast Post roast: - How are green beans best stored? - How do you leave beans to degas, in open container? - Assume airtight glass containers ok to store beans in after? thanks Jamie
  4. Jam1e1

    Has Bean Ana Sora

    Has anyone roasted these beans, if so have you got a profile can follow using gene cafe? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. picked up a Gene Cafe today, thanks to @mathof , cant wait to get roasting will post when a get a chance - likely the weekend!
  6. if in St Pauls / Blackfriars area, Grace coffee shop down creed lane does great cappuccino and espresso. Taylor baristas also good though they got taken over by black sheep i believe
  7. Jam1e1

    Has Bean Ana Sora

    Just ordered 2kg of green beans and going to give roasting a go. This is one of my favourite beans so far. I’m about 3/4 way through current 250g bag. Seem to get best flavour from aero press using medium metal filter, what’s everyone else’s views on how to best brew? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Deal [emoji846] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. This one is my favourite coffee so far, also got from hasbean. The crop this year isn’t as good as about 2 years ago but still really nice. I also bought washed and natural, the washed was definitely more muted and plain. Usually use in aero press about 15g on medium grind. Has anyone else found any similar good Ethiopian or blueberry type beans? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. ive had a look at other sold prices, i'll offer £220 so let me know, if we come to an agreement can collect from that location next week
  11. hi Mathof really interested, does this come boxed, also roughly whats the weight?
  12. ah nice thanks ! glad i got a soldering iron!! as newer to this, appears there is a bit of an art to it...ill have to check voltage here too then - really useful tips!
  13. Jam1e1


    Hi hope this is the right section, what’s people’s views of the filters shown? I like paper but find it takes a bit of flavour out, course and finer ones in middle are better for all round flavour, find the last one is too fine and is a real effort to push though using aero press! I got the metal filters from amazon corretto brand ! Jamie Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Many thanks I’ll have a look at the mod and for sale options! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Hi some great suggestions here! I’m looking at the gene also as a first option, looks like out of stock here in uk at moment, looking into second hand devices also. Are there any other options in similar price range of this one? Seen some people mention a behmor too, any views ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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