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  1. Yes thanks for the flow comments. I found a troubleshooter where you log all this info , so that plus flow helped. Swapped the solenoid for one from happy donkey and all is good now. Thanks
  2. Worked ok after the 'flick trick' now reading low pressure again on a shot about 4 bar Vs 19 bar set? It still hits 10 on a back flush so I am very puzzled.? Will have to totally strip but solenoids are a bit too expensive to spend on without a clear cause. This is clearly an old one though.
  3. Thanks all for the replys. I have a fair recycler gauge mounted via the opv, so that is my pressure check. The pump cable tie is in place, and the pump doesn't seem to be contacting anything in use. In fact the pump is significantly quieter when when ramping up and holding flow against the blind filter, but then zero flow? I have stripped the solenoid, a bit of crud around top threads but the rest was visually ok. I will try the descale and switch flick trick if I still have an issue. I wonder if it's a worn check valve on my old red top pump. Which I think is non repairable on this model?
  4. Hi, apologies If this has been covet but I did try and search this. When brewing the pump sounds louder than usual and only hits 4 bar ( set to 9 bar) with loads of flutter. Checked prime, back flushed etc. and looked ok. Will hold 9 bar all day and no flutter? I am guessing just a dead pump internals based on moving flow Vs static flow but not really sure? Thanks again!
  5. Good point, I don't believe so- tank looks / looked clean . Some small evidence around the plastic spout though? Good suggestion, if it isn't increasing or continuing I guess this is the most likely cause. See the gauge , which I partially broke trying to clean!
  6. Yes it is odd. More coffee liquor, but it looks really like coffee and is really hard to shift? I am puzzled, with no other symptoms. Thanks for the input.
  7. Hi, sorry I couldn't find an answer to this. I have an external gauge via the opv mount (@fair recycler / boost box). Just lately some coffee has found its way into the gauge. I wondered if this pointed to a three way/ solenoid issue? No other valve issue , water and steam fine and dump valve seems ok, maybe a little slow. Thanks.
  8. @LJA happy to take the portafilter at the asking price posted. Thanks, Mark Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  9. Hi,yes agreed sorry for not picking this up sooner work has been a nightmare. I hit the button a super jolly as an.impulse, so no longer in the market ( unless it's a dud....) . I should have waited really,,I am up by sheff and work has been on csll 7 days for months so tricky to travel in. Any case. Also having a mare shipping the SJ, I am wondering how many pieces I will get tomorrow. Next thing is a pud for my mk 1 Gaggia. Cheers Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  10. Not a problem, totally understand.
  11. Hi, really interested if I sorted a courier pickup would that be ok? Thanks
  12. Hi, just checking if this is still available, now I can post. Would organise a courier pick up if that was ok?
  13. Great thread, inspired me to buy an older classic which is working a treat- yet to be tweaked!
  14. As discussed Mark, happy to purchase this at £165 delivered. PayPal transfer made, thanks
  15. It's definitely not sunny in Sheff , more of the wet stuff. Just trying to get a Gaggia Classic.
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