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  1. Hi,yes agreed sorry for not picking this up sooner work has been a nightmare. I hit the button a super jolly as an.impulse, so no longer in the market ( unless it's a dud....) . I should have waited really,,I am up by sheff and work has been on csll 7 days for months so tricky to travel in. Any case. Also having a mare shipping the SJ, I am wondering how many pieces I will get tomorrow. Next thing is a pud for my mk 1 Gaggia. Cheers Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  2. Not a problem, totally understand.
  3. Hi, really interested if I sorted a courier pickup would that be ok? Thanks
  4. Hi, just checking if this is still available, now I can post. Would organise a courier pick up if that was ok?
  5. Great thread, inspired me to buy an older classic which is working a treat- yet to be tweaked!
  6. As discussed Mark, happy to purchase this at £165 delivered. PayPal transfer made, thanks
  7. It's definitely not sunny in Sheff , more of the wet stuff. Just trying to get a Gaggia Classic.
  8. Edlong


    Great forum lots of useful info. Thanks
  9. Hi Mark, want to buy the gaggia classic. You have listed for sale at £115 plus 15 delivery. Just registered and can't work out how to reply to your thread? Unless I have to.pidt x times first!  Thanks, Mark

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    2. gaggiamanualservice.com


      It uses to be much easier. If you want to message me though my site gaggiamanualservice.com I will amend to sold once agreed and let Glen know of our problems. 

    3. gaggiamanualservice.com
    4. Edlong


      Great have done, at least it's not just me!

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