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  1. I'm not sure any pre-ground coffee will get you a decent espresso
  2. It's not at all light, nothing from Coffee Compass is. Cherry cherry is lighter than Brighton Lanes, but I would never describe it as light on its own
  3. Make sure to elimate the beans as point of weakness . What you're describing sounds like my experience with supermarket beans. Do the ones you're using have a roast date on?
  4. I've fired my Ooni up a few times over winter, it takes a lot longer to get up to temp when it's -2 outside!
  5. Synchronika does look great and feels quality to use. Don't know what smart features Rocket has exactly but you can get timed on/off using smart plugs. Have you consisered a Decent or the Lelit Bianca?
  6. That's brilliant [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  7. I have pretty much given up using light roast SO on the Niche. Either I don't like the taste full stop, I don't have the skill to produce tasty espresso or the Niche is limiting me. Probably a mix of all three. I will say this though, I consistently get very nice tasting espresso from darker roasted blends. Also, I've had SO at the shop which I have LOVED, bought the same beans and tried multiple ways of producing the same result at home without success. And I'll add that includes doing my own custom water. And that I've got a Bianca. The confusing thing though: the Niche has produced some
  8. Yeah, that's seriously impressive in a kitchen oven, would be seriously impressive in any oven tbh. I've got an Ooni Koda 16 and I love it. Wouldn't change it for the Roccbox, unless I were to use Roccbox and the results were off the charts. I YouTubed/googled dough recipes for hours and have ended up on a 70% 48 hour cold + room temp ferment that I'm happy with. The Pizza Bible had some great tips in it too - thought I didn't need it after my online research but I was wrong.
  9. I'm currently going down the Lagom-research worm hole. The link below is helpful (links to several threads within that single link). Pretty sure I'll be getting it either now or as a Christmas present to myself. https://www.home-barista.com/grinders/lagom-p64-grinder-user-impressions-t67728.html
  10. I have no issue with it whatsoever. It's below the going rate. The seller has already shown good faith by offering it here at what is currently the lowest price. If it doesn't sell then seller can take it to eBay and make even more money. Having said that, I absolutely get why people feel uneasy about it.
  11. I find the paddle (Bianca) works really well with dark roasts. Can take something which is too bitter (for my taste) and bring it back to something more mellow and chocolatey.
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