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  1. Although the coffee subreddit is a very nice community!
  2. Does anyone on here have a Lagom? Did they even start shipping them?
  3. Reached my end game on the machine - Lelit Bianca. My upgraditus might kick in on the grinder, but I'd have to do some serious testing to prove to myself that a big flat suits my tastes better than a Niche. I've never had a serious look at what options there are in the high-end large flat market, but off the top of my head, and as someone who only ever single doses, possibly a Ceado E37Z Hero or a Monolith Flat Max.
  4. I've definitely had coffees that were not so good as espresso but beautiful with the v60 and vice-versa. I doubt that means the bean couldn't be good in whichever method, just that I hadn't discovered the ideal recipe for each method. If it's expensive I normally stick with the method that I know works (eg v60 or aeropress) rather than using half a bag to dial in the shot.
  5. I've got an Arc and you'll love it. I don't think for one second that a scale like that is something I absolutely need to make good espresso, but it's a joy to use and hold/behold.
  6. I reckon getting a good grinder is the key
  7. I really like Chris' instructional videos, his milk frothing one is particularly helpful. I use his technique, but press down slowly, rather than a short sharp piston-like action.
  8. But it depends on what flavour etc you're after
  9. Coffee Compass - Cherry Cherry is nice for espresso I find
  10. The Francis Francis does look pretty cool to be fair
  11. Haha. I remember buying burnt-to-a-crisp beans, pre-ground, using them in my Moka pot with zero technique and thinking I was an absolute connoisseur.
  12. That reminds me that I had a Philips Senseo in a very small office (3 people). Loved that thing, it actually made a decent coffee
  13. Instant > French press > Moka pot > Gaggia Classic > Lelit Bianca. Pre-ground > Hario hand grinder £20 jobby > Eureka Mignon > Niche
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