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  1. Looks like my Black UK has shipped earlier than expected (was expecting mid month) but saying it'll be delivered on Thursday. Excited is an understatement!
  2. Yeah that's my bad I meant to say it doesn't have an E61 group (hence the mention of no way of measuring temp at the group head)
  3. I have an Oscar II, and honestly I'd probably pay the extra for the Mara if I didn't get a great deal on the Oscar. The casing is mostly plastic and quite loud, has an E61 group but no external pressure gauge like the Mara and no way of using a thermometer like an Eric on a traditional group like the Mara. It's also a good bit bigger than the Mara if counter space is a concern.
  4. I'm 25 and have ordered one but don't let the old lads know or they'll get annoyed! 😬 All in jest of course.
  5. It's probably less to do with the basket hole size and more so the fact that the triple basket will have a fair bit more headroom with an 18g dose in it than an 18g dose in the double, which means you're increasing the distance between water exiting the showerscreen. Of course there is the possibility that tolerances in terms of hole sizes between the two baskets could be different as well. But as far as I'm aware I don't think manufacturers specify larger hole sizes for bigger baskets for extraction times.
  6. That's pretty much exactly what they've done though? Follow their account, share the post and for each tag in the comments it counts as an additional entry.
  7. It's the fastest and cheapest way of expanding a brand's reach. You just have to look at the interactions a post gets in terms of people being tagged in it, photos being shared, and drawing people into the product. They don't have to spend money on targeted advertising, they don't have to send out test units for reviews etc, you just offer something free and all of a sudden you've thousands of people sharing your product to their followers. Personally would disagree with your assessment of their market because I don't think it's a fair reflection outside of this forum. There's a hell of a
  8. Isn't the first time they've done it in fairness, and it's a VERY effective way in terms of promoting a product due to the amount of clicks/views it'll pull in.
  9. Certainly seems to be that way, maybe someone could tease it out of @joey24dirt 😏
  10. Ordered a niche myself to go with my Oscar II, lovely setup!
  11. I'd say there might still be a prolonged effect of people working from home more regularly (be it 2 or 3 days a week) for the next year or two, with offices not getting back to full capacity. Could be a while before people start to offload machines, particularly if anyone's invested in more expensive ones.
  12. If it's not backflushing, it's likely an issue with the solenoid valve, it may be clogged with scale or other particles.
  13. I picked up the brewista V2 last year when they were half price, they're do the job but the modes are pretty much useless and in comparison to the Pearl I have for pourover there's definitely a small bit more lag/inconsistency (for example the grinds cup I have weighs out at 69.0 every time on the Pearl but on the Brewista can range from 68.7 up to 69.1), and I've noticed when I've weighed and tared that sometimes the value stored can jump around a little.
  14. Limits to extraction would only really apply if you were trying to increase the yield from the same dose, so moving from say a 1:2 ratio from a 15g dose to 1:3 from 15g the difference in caffeine would be minimal. When you up the dose and keep the same ratio there would be more caffeine as there's theoretically more caffeine there to be extracted in the first place.
  15. The best thing to do is just order as soon as possible. The slots sell out faster than you'd imagine. I was contemplating over finally picking one up for about a week when there was June slots available, and by the time I'd pulled the trigger it was into the August slots, which the white is gone now for too. If you're ok with using an adapter there's still July spots for the EU version.
  16. The Smart Grinder can technically grind find enough for espresso especially if you adjust the top burr, I had no issues choking a Gaggia Classic with one. However, it's extremely inconsistent and clumpy. Beyond saving with WDT a lot of the time.
  17. So it turned out my pressure gauge was faulty, and it in fact is reading 15 bar so OPV kit to be installed it seems!
  18. A good few cafes here in Dublin have been open for a number of weeks, most have implemented screens at the counters and queueing systems that are one-way for social distancing, or else are serving through hatches. A lot more are starting to reopen now also as we're going into phase 1 of loosening the lockdown restrictions with similar measures. I guess it's some form of income/revenue for them, but you'd imagine it'll be quite some time before footfall increases again, and the prospect of seating is probably ruled out for another few months at a minimum.
  19. Local roaster here in Dublin released this a few days ago in very limited numbers, extremely excited to give it a whirl as have heard great things but never tried it myself....
  20. Hey folks, I usually buy my beans in bulk, and break them into smaller batches (if storing for a couple of weeks) and vacuum seal to be put in the freezer. However, I've been given a gift of a few nitro-flushed sealed cans of beans from a local roaster, and wondering what the best way to store them long term is as I've a bit of a backlog of beans at the moment. Is it best to just leave them in the cans as they are and store in a cool dry place and use within a couple of weeks, or should I stick the can in the freezer? Or is the best way to stick to my usual setup and put them i
  21. It depends if you're willing to take on the risk that if anything goes wrong there'll be no support from them as they're just box shippers, whereas with the likes of BB they've got fairly decent customer service. Personally on a purchase like that I'd be willing to pay the extra for the peace of mind but YMMV and all that....
  22. There's an STL file on thingiverse if you know someone with a 3D printer https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1872280
  23. You also have root and branch and guilt trip, both are really great. Plenty of roasters down South too if you're looking for a change (3FE is probably the biggest) and the likes of Roasted Brown, Imbibe, Full Circle, Upside, Bell Lane, and probably about 50 more.
  24. For the sake of £10 or so go with the OEMs. Coffeehit have them in stock at the moment.
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