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  1. I've fitted the kit to my Super Jolly a couple of months ago. I've been happy out with it so far, camera lens hopper with a lid combined with the puffer means there's only 0.1 or 0.2 gram retention. Clumps a little but a quick WDT sorts it out.
  2. Decided to purchase one from The Barn on a whim so no longer required
  3. Anyone have an Aergrind or Aerspeed lying around that they're willing to sell? Looking to upgrade my pour over game and save my weak arms from the monotonous task of hand grinding with ceramic burrs
  4. If only they'd gone the whole hog & fitted a PID. Adding pre-infusion too wouldn't have been a bad thing. Probably would've pushed it into a much higher price bracket though. I'd say they would probably add around £150+ to the price for adding those.
  5. You're going to create a serious amount of waste by insisting on 24 seconds for every single extraction, and also pissing off your baristas and customers.
  6. I wouldn't be overly concerned with the length of it, once it has at least 1.5cm of thread on it or more you'll be fine.
  7. I made the plunge a week ago for my Super Jolly, waiting on it in the post. @L&R has the kit for his Major I believe.
  8. M5 is the hole size, you can use a bolt and just attach something to the end of it.
  9. You'll never get any consistency with bad beans or a bad grinder. Whether it be good or bad consistency. And the PID helps an awful lot with consistency as you're not guessing in regards to temp surfing. Don't get me wrong, an E61 setup is generally always going to be better if you have a decent grinder and decent beans, but the machine is generally a small part of the equation (especially if you have a PID'd classic and turned the OPV down to 9 bar, which make the classic a lot more consistent), and the grinder and beans are having a much bigger part in your better shots now. It'd be like if you had an old car that you never changed the oil on and were putting cheap petrol full of dirt into it, and then buying a new car but putting clean petrol into it and saying wow this runs much better.
  10. In fairness, a PID kit is about £90 or so. As opposed to sinking a few hundred into a HX or dual boiler. If you had upgraded your grinder and beans first as opposed to the machine you'd probably see less of a step up between the Lelit and the Gaggia.
  11. It's likely an issue with your grinder as opposed to your machine. You mention what machine you have, but what grinder is it? Are you weighing your beans in and the output? How old are the beans you're using?
  12. SGP retains around 5g+ if I remember correctly. I used to set my single dose to around 6g and bin it before each shot, and then just use the double as my normal shot.
  13. A good deep cleaning with Cafiza etc and they should be more than grand to use, especially if there's no sign of wear on them.
  14. Likely to do with the age of the beans. The further past the roast date, the finer you'll have to grind. With beans like Lavazza, especially if they've no roast date, it's a wild guess at when they were roasted, they could have been sitting in the back of a warehouse for months before being put on the shelf.
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