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  1. Yeah don’t go for ground tbh! Went for gold box coffee roasters and curve roasters in the end 👍
  2. Yeah do they do that in only ground? ah I see thanks for the info mate!
  3. Dark woods coffee, 20% off some blends.. most bags are on there for £20, very good coffee so I’m told!
  4. Couldn’t resist using bananas up! wife was happy!
  5. Depends what sort of art you want to do? You can get wide round spouts better for tulips or narrow- sharp spouts better for Rossetta s etc, however I have a few of each..
  6. Tbf to them, they’ve found a niche in the market to mass produce them and there doing it fair play! Bet the taxes aren’t cheap for us brits thou! 😂 I spoke to them when they released there first product the distribution tamper thing, asked them about bottomless before joey made mine, said it was in the pipeline ha fair play!
  7. Is it your old partner in the end? 😅
  8. No mate I work In a fine dining restaurant 😄
  9. Yeah I believe it was about 2pm ish time, came at 9am woke me up 😂 yourll deffo get it tmoro!
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