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  1. That’s fine. Just going forward even with a new grinder make sure you get a scale if you want consistency.
  2. I would highly recommend weighing your grind. When I start with new beans I’m weighing, the grind, timing the shot and weighing the output for a 1.2 ratio. I use 16 grams of ground coffee to 32 espresso. Once I’m there I’ll just weigh the shot and use the timer on the specilita for the grind time. I’ll re weigh the grinds and time the shot every couple of days and make minor adjustments as needed.
  3. Fair point. I’m looking for the easy option so always have a half full hopper and love the on demand. I toyed with the idea of the niche but don’t want the work flow that goes along with it. I have two young children though and time is precious and I’m constantly spinning plates. Would love to try one and see if I can tell the difference in the cup though.
  4. What grinder are you using currently? I’m very happy with my Mignon. I’ve got a specilita and a manuale. I’m only a year in so I guess still wet behind the ears and Boots has a lot more experience than I do. I’m just airing the point of more of a newbie. Style is subjective and maybe I just fancy a change.
  5. Indeed. With regards to retention though I wonder how many home users could tell the difference in a blind taste test, purged vs unpurged. Eureka have a 65mm single dose grinder due out this year I read. Also the new Zeus and Century at some point should have some new tech. Again more business than prosumer but hopefully some trickle down tech in the next year.
  6. Reasons to be interested in the xl; •on demand - single dosing isn’t right for everyone •smaller footprint than a mazzer or other Eureka grinders •established brand •bigger burrs - bigger is better isn’t it? [emoji2369] I’d rather have an atom though. Purely based on styling. I already have a Mignon so would want something that looks different.
  7. I saw it on Bella Baristas website yesterday. Sold out but it was there, so at least they will supply it. I’m sure you can email them for a stock update https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/eureka-mignon-xl.html
  8. I thought the Helios replaced the zenith?
  9. They look great. I’ll keep an eye out in the for sales as I fancy an upgrade from the Mignon.
  10. Lovely set up. What’s the atom like?
  11. I’ve got a manuale if you want rid of the zenith
  12. I’ve just replaced my ap with a clever. It’s a lot easier to use.
  13. [emoji2359]too busy with the tape measure. Just caught up on the drama
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