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  1. Yeh they have some good ones. My wife got me 6 packs from them for my birthday and I’ve since gone to subscription. Fav so far is Rocko Mountain reserve.
  2. Wow thanks for the super fast reply. Now to invest in decent scales 😁
  3. Hi Ive read through a lot of this topic and not entirely understood all of it. My tap water is pretty soft so I think I’m ok to use it in my machine but might need to add BiCarb? If so, how much? I anyone is willing to read through the attached water quality sheet and let me know their assessment I’d appreciate it. United Utilities - Water Quality Search Results.pdf
  4. In fact here’s the exact same one (now I know how to revert to original) 😁
  5. forsh

    Isomac Millennium

    Hi. Yes too big I’m afraid. Have opted for another forum members Gaggia Classic to cut my teeth on until I move house (18months from now fingers crossed). I’m sure somebody else will get the best from it though.
  6. Great. Consider it sold 😁 Please PM me your address and how you would like to be paid. I can do cash if acceptable to you? Also would be great if I could come get it over the weekend. Cheers
  7. Hi. Would you take £200 if I can collect? Whereabouts in Cheshire?
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