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  1. If you could only have one of these two grinders, what would you choose? Niche Zero, Eurika Atom 60?
  2. I totally get this, as you say, not just relating to coffee but most things. I’m no Eric Clapton, but I like to learn a few tunes, practice a few solos, and I look at expensive guitars and amps with drool cresting the corners of my mouth. I wouldn’t be able to get any more out of that equipment than my reasonably priced middling electric guitar. Coffee wise I’m on a delonghi at the moment and was relegated to nespresso for a few days this week. I used to really like nespresso until I had the delonghi, which is far better. When I upgrade (was going to be this week until my funds got redire
  3. Not actually rid of the Delonghi, we just had the mains off where it sits.
  4. Well, after my boiler (central heating) cracked and flooded half of my kitchen my Delonghi is out of action and my coffee fund (was just about to buy a classic and grinder) has gone up in smoke! I’m relegated to this. Fingers crosses I can persuade my wife to Stump up for something decent around my birthday in Jan.
  5. Hello. How are you feeling now? I'm still interested. What do you have at the moment? What sort of condition can I expect the exterior to be in aesthetically? Do you have anything ready or near ready to go, or are they more build to order? Cheers
  6. Hi Are you still selling these? What is the current lead time?
  7. Yup. I’m now considering just a grinder and some pour over kit for the time being. Still bought nothing at all ? A commercial grinder is out for me, or anything too big. It’s only going to be able to occupy a small part of the kitchen.
  8. The Delonghi will only be around til my Birthday, I’ll be switching to pour over anyway in the interim to make the most of the grinder. How easy is changing the grind between espresso and pour over on the niche?
  9. Hi I was initially set on getting a new espresso machine and grinder, and was looking at the Sage range, such as the Barista Express. However, I have decided to stick with my old Delonghi for now, and instead use the money to invest in a decent grinder, and either aeropress of pourover, with a view to getting the espresso machine more towards my birthday next year. So I need a spot of advice... What grinder would be best (for my budget) if I want to do pourover now, but both pourover and espresso later? I don't want a commercial machine because of space and wife based constraints.
  10. I’m going for a very similar setup myself. How you finding the SGP? I’m tempted but also by the Gaggia MDF if I get a classic just for keeping common branding.
  11. Looks a ace, and original! Getting a classic soon too I hope!
  12. I'm looking for a grinder (is it still available?) with an authentic kinda look and this fits the bill. Is there any aesthetic damage on it which might make the wide turn her nose up? Also, would you ship to Manchester? Please PM me so we could also discuss price.
  13. Thanks for this. I have a Delonghi micalite which I guess this basket would work with? I have been looking to upgrade from that alone to a grinder and something like the Gaggia Classic, but also been toying with the idea of a Sage BE. Having seen this though I wonder if it would be best to blow my budget on the grinder now, and use this non pressurised basket, then upgrade the machine in a few months.
  14. Thanks for the comments. Could you recommend a commercial grinder make/model I can start to look at second hand?
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