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  1. Gentlemen, please take it that I've made brief eye contact with you all and am about to head off to await the blowup review. DavecUK thanks for your very clear advice; Coffeechap thanks also for your input: I have been a target shooter all my life and have extensive experience of passionate people who believe that their equipment is right or that other equipment is off the mark. I have always found those views interesting and have often tried the equipment in question, but ultimately believe that it is what you do with it that matters.
  2. I will. It will be interesting to compare your findings with some positive (and to be fair some more hedged) reviews I've read elsewhere. For me, the price difference between the short hopper and the blow up equivalent feels worth the experiment. Trouble is I'm a stubborn git and I sort-of already know that if I bought the non-blow up hopper, I'd only go and buy the blow up one 'just because'. And I say that despite the fact that it looks as if it could double as some kind of emergency sink unblocker. But I will read your review with interest. Thanks for alerting me to it. On the grinder, I think personal taste has to play a big part in deciding between two very similar (under the skin) grinders such as the Atom 75 Speciality and the Olympus 75E. I will, when the time comes, go up to Wellingborough and have a proper play before getting the card out, but I have a thing about solidity and weight and fully expect to be walking away with the Olympus.
  3. Thanks. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it performs and will certainly post something on the appropriate part of the forum once I've got to grips with it, if that would be lf interest.
  4. Absolutely no disrespect taken. Yes I joined the forum 8 days ago and could be "over-enthusiastic bloke in a hurry with eyes closed who needs to be taken aside for his own good" but that's just a function of my often inefficient and frequently annoying tendency to research (to at least ten decimal places) with minimal input from others. Coffee has been my passion for more than 30 years, and during that time I've been trying to produce espresso as best I can within the limitations of my equipment. Rather like high end audio equipment I've always recognised that without a quality source the production end of your set up will always have its hands tied. I've finally acquired a half decent espresso machine and I've allowed myself a sensible amount of time to get to know it and get the best I can out of it. It is clear to me that the shortcomings of my grinder, despite its qualities (got to be careful here, I'll be offering it for sale 🤔) represent the weak link now. So with my head already stuffed with information about possible upgrades I joined the forum to see what others are saying, and to read about their experiences. And seriously, you do have an amazing forum. I'd been leaning towards Eureka but what I've read here and elsewhere has brought me conclusively to the Olympus75E. No I haven't purchased it yet: I like doing business with Bella Barista and at present it's not in stock. But it will be, and then the journey and the learning starts again...
  5. Wow what an astonishing forum this is. What an incredible repository of knowledge. After occupying my own little coffee corner for so long, spending a handful of days dipping in and out of threads and reading up on the wealth of grinder knowledge in particular (for me at the moment at least) has been like being put into the Total Perspective Vortex. In a good way. As a result I put together a shortlist (which did include the Zero) and after much thought have decided to buy a Eureka Olympus 75 E High Speed with their Blow Up system and red speed burrs, which leaves me with sufficient change from my budget to buy a kilo of something from Square Mile... That feels like a result.
  6. Thanks John, I'm not at all surprised the Niche is first to be named: it's got a lot going for it. I did hear some criticism of conical burr grind quality (which confused me a little given that I knew Mazzer used them in the Kony and Robur) and I wondered what that might mean for extraction consistency in the Zero, but it is interesting to hear your experience. It's certainly an attractive looking grinder I think (maybe Marmite for some) and I love the near-zero retention.
  7. Hi thanks! Yes well I sort-of covered off the budget creep with the £1000 or so I thought. But we'll see... As for beans, I am as much of a dinosaur about my beans as I have been about my grinder: I only drink espresso and have worked my way through a number of espresso blends from roasters large and small eg Union and Strangers but am currently drinking The Docks by North Star Roasters. I don't tend to enjoy single origin coffees in the same way.
  8. Hello Everyone I've just arrived, I'm pleased to be here and looking forward very much to learning from such an immensely knowledgeable collection of enthusiasts. That's all of you of course. I suppose that like a fair few newbies, I'm arriving with a question. Maybe I should post it elsewhere but can I try here? Coffee has been a consistent thread running through the last thirty years of otherwise very up and down and sometimes bumpy life. At the beginning I went from instant coffee and the occasional French Press to a Rancilio Silvia. After about a year I stopped using ready ground Illy coffee and bought a Rancilio Rocky. I was still using that combination 20 years later when I fitted the Silvia with a PID kit purchased from the US. Shortly after that I gave the Rocky to a friend and bought a new Mazzer Superjolly electronic. Then maybe four years ago I sold the Silvia and bought a Rocket R58. That's still my set-up but I am getting twitchy about the Mazzer, not sure why, maybe noise, maybe clumping, but whatever the reason I am starting to think about alternatives... And that's my challenge. I am drawn to grinders that are bigger than I need and more expensive than I can afford. That's my weakness, but coffee is my only vice, and drawing on something James Hoffman once said, it's also my hobby, and hobbies cost money. So if I decide I'm prepared to spend a grand on a grinder, where should I start? I've been using a very old school grinder (so I've been told) for a while and the alternatives are, well, complicated. I'd love to have a shortlist of maybe five grinders I can research the hell out of. Can you help me build that shortlist please? Thank you very much in advance for any thoughts!
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