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  1. Thank you @DavecUK @El carajilloOh, I didn't know that about split chargers. I shall keep more of a careful eye on things in future. Super helpful info @zoglet, thank you so much for taking the time to write it all!!!
  2. @Jony I have to admit, first time I removed them I was quite surprised by the weight, they're snuggled into a rather small space underneath my knockout draw and need to be dragged out across some fragile wires. I figured if stone age man could drag Stonehenge from Wales then I could find a way to extract my batteries from my rig. But I think 50kg each would probably kill me! xD
  3. Thank you guys! @davril Thank you for the advice, that provider you mentioned has a super useful guide that has pointed out some of the mistakes I was making 👍 @El carajillo Yes, I think to my horror I made most of the mistakes you mentioned. The batteries were two years old when they failed and I'd been using them for a good year full time. My van has a split charger but I tend to drive only for about 40mins a day as my pitches are all local so the batteries weren't getting the boost they needed. And from time to time I was charging them with an RAC car battery charger on fast charge which I now understand was probably the wrong thing to do. I shall bite the bullet and invest in a proper leisure battery charger in the hope of not making the same mistake again. Though I've already been charging my new batters in the same way so I've likely damaged those too *face palm* xD Thank you again folks, I really appreciate it : )
  4. Hello all! So sorry to ask what must be age old questions, but google searching is getting me very confused with conflicting results so I thought it better to ask experts that actually do this for a living. I currently have a mobile coffee van and it can run either off mains or independently with a gas cylinder and 2 x 100ah leisure batteries connected together. After two years my leisure batteries finally failed and left me high and dry after a few minutes into a gig. Red faces all around! They were showing 12.6v after full charge so I knew they were tired, and then immediately they reducing to 12.2v as soon as I used them and quickly dipped to 11. something after that so I assumed they got sulphorcated with old age. I am looking at the inverter to see the voltage indication. So I've now replaced them like with like. They're both Superbat Silver 9000 12v 100ah. 1) But now I'm wondering should I have replaced the 100ah with 110 ah as everyone else seems to use those? Is this okay to do, or can it cause problems if the ah is too high? i had the van built for me and the folks that made it installed 100ah. Do they last longer with a higher ah? (Apologies, as you can see I'm about as technically minded as a postage stamp!) 2) Now lock down is easing, events are opening up that require longer hours and sometimes plug in power is not available or simply too expensive to be viable on top of already crazy high pitch fees. So I was thinking I could take a spare set of batteries to swap out when my current ones get too low. In that case, what would be an ideal voltage to say "Yes, I need to swap them over now."? 12.4v? or is it okay to let them run lower just as long as I charge them fully when I get home to avoid sulphorcation? 3) Final question. My batter charger has two settings, trickle charge and fast charge. I'm fairly certain that I read I should not trickle charge the leisure batteries. But when I fast charge them the fully charged light comes on after about 3 to 4 hours. Should I just leave them charging for longer as I've read they should initially be charged for at least 24 hours? Or is it better to unhook them from the charger as soon as the charger fully charge light indicates green? Huge thanks to anyone who can help with any of these questions. Jim.
  5. Thanks for the link, I´ll be sure to check it out ?
  6. @Blaven I'm getting an external electrical socket fitted to the outside of the house soon. Are you thinking of throwing a heater in there?Could be a good idea. Mind you, I'd need to sell a lot more coffee to cover the electricity bill ? @MildredMHmm, yes, I could certainly wrap some of the pipes and cover the machine with a blanket. It's got to help a bit, right = ) Do you know if greenhouse heaters are expensive to run?
  7. Hey all! I'm just about to start my mobile coffee van business and I suddenly thought - what about when things start to get freezing outside? My van will be kept on my driveway overnight so it will certainly get exposed to the cold. I have a Fracino Contempo 2 Group Semi Auto Dual Fuel espresso machine connected to a pump/water softner unit and water tanks. Clearly, at the end of the day, I will be emptying the water tanks, but should I switch the gas off and then let the coffee machine run dry to avoid all the little pipes freezing? Or would this cause more damage to my coffee machine? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Jim
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