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  1. Just to round this thread off. I replaced the O-Ring. When fitting the new wand I found that although I had the nut pretty tight moving the wand towards me started undoing the nut so I ended up fitting it with a bit more force than I would like. Anyway it's on so I'll go away and stop boring folks any more ? Jamie
  2. Received the V1/V2 pre 2015 ready Silvia Rancilio wand kit which has a rubber O-Ring at the top. From Youtube videos I gather that when the Panarello wand is removed this will leave an O-Ring in the machine. Qu: Is it better to fit the new wand with its supplied O-Ring removed OR fish out the old O-Ring from the machine and fit the new wand with supplied O-Ring? I know another dummy question - however thanks for your patience ?
  3. Ashcroc Many thanks for that. Ive just order a V1/V2 Modified (for Gaggia) one I guess I had better read up on technique before this arrives. Anyone off hand have a good forum link to start learning whilst waiting for it to arrive please? My apologies if I am asking too much its just that whilst I am happy to do the research I would prefer input from experienced forum members. Ashcroc et al much appreciated Jamie
  4. so it isn't the tiny holes about quarter inch down from the top with white dots that look like milk.... no wonder I cant get a needle through then. So I must have another problem which I guess can only be technique ?/
  5. Thanks for your help catpuccino, whilst I have wiped and steam blasted the frother each time, I haven't been pulling it apart other than occasionally. The sleeve is definately protruding and I confess to having tried to get a fine needle into the holes also soaking in boiling water but no joy. I guess plastic is cheap but it seems challenging to keep clean/clear.
  6. Started with this machine new about 6-7 weeks ago and was getting good froth however I believe the air holes in the plastic wand head have been blocked and i now get froth at the top of the milk jug but non frothy milk underneath. I would appreciate some advice about a) unblocking and b) preventing this recurring. Thank you Jamie
  7. Joined a few days ago. Had no equipment. Was going to buy the wrong kit until Glenn’s post for Newbies Total Beginner’s first “shot”. Well finally today all the bits and pieces had arrived and this evening I had my first “attempt” Equipment: Input: Rave “The Italian Job” Grind: Iberital MC2 - Second Hand - cover damaged in transit by Royal Mail seller kindly ordered a replacement (thanks Alister) grind position really tight so I thought that’s where the previous user had it I’ll start there.....NO it was a gazillion miles from there.... Machine:
  8. Seems I’m causing trouble already - posting in the wrong thread. My apologies but I’m going to pass on this. Jamie
  9. Does that include shipping? Will that extra 0.4mm make a difference using standard baskets on Gaggia Classic?
  10. Classic and grinder incoming so I need a modestly priced one of these to get started I think it should be 58mm Thanks Jamie
  11. Ashcroc thanks again for your patience. I somehow thought I should see two holes at each side. So the fluid goes down that centre hole and splits through the double spout. It would have been obvious when it arrives - just got a bit worried ? Thanks
  12. My new machine (2010) has yet to ship I am puzzled looking at this blank looking portafilter not having seen a Gaggia Classic first hand I'm just looking at images of the machine that is coming.
  13. MildredM and Drewster done thanks to your help. much appreciated. Jamie [He's a Cairn called Freddie by the way]
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