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  1. Hello. I'm currently struggling with choice of buying an espresso machine. I'm already choose (in my opinion) 2 best machines in my budget. So here are they: - LELIT GRACE PL81T -ASCASO STEEL UNO PROF Which one should I buy? I'm in love in LELIT GRACE PL81T but I clearly see that the ASCASO STEEL UNO PROF has bigger group. To be honest, I don't know much differnce about group size, I'm pretty new in this topic. I've read some posts about that there's a problem with buying some accesories for Lelit, because it has an "exotic" size of group. But I worndering about what else should I buy besides: -Tamper -NPF portafilter I've found some of them avaivable in my country, so it shouldn't be a problem to buy them. So again, which one should I buy? It'll be used for max. 2-3 coffees per day (just espresso, or some kind of milk coffes)
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