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  1. https://www.smallbatchroasting.co.uk https://ironandfire.co.uk/product/colombian-green-beans/ I have always liked the look of these two. but I think you are going to want to buy a full sack to get the most bang for your buck.
  2. @GaryM better tasting roasts than previous or just more consistent than the Behmor?
  3. yes I too at one stage that this grinder. when it worked it was great. then I had the same issues as you (and a lot of others) with the motor slipping etc. it was indeed the internal plastic gears wearing out against some metal ones. they sent me a replacement the next day. it was a snap to replace (a few bolts etc and about 5mins of work). good luck!
  4. Hi all, 1st your all really getting after it so congrats to that ! As for the beans, you can keep the roasted hollow ones and throw away the under roasted beans. They don’t look like quakers to me. As for taste , I only use an espresso machine and roast to a medium level. All three beans hold up really well with the Honduras being more milky, Ethiopian more sweetness and the Brazil slight nuts ( but I only mix this in to the blend and don’t usually drink by itself). my go to ratio is 20% brazil 30% Honduras 50% Ethiopian my espresso is a simple 18g in 32g our over 25 sec after 1st drop.
  5. sorry all. im out of all the green coffee. until next time! 😀
  6. enjoy and let us all know how it goes
  7. I only have 2kg of Ethiopian £8.50per kg https://www.interamericancoffee.com/ethiopia-amaro-natural-organic/ Left sam
  8. @wan, sounds like a plan . PM and we can get it sorted. sam
  9. @Robbie that should be fine. just PM with your address etc
  10. yes I can get that to you @lennyvee.
  11. here is link to the roasting profile for Ethiopian - https://roast.world/r/Ea6Bu0pxpdp74ybRS2xDE Honduras - https://roast.world/r/TAPutlulUmvEv9nlQHpaC Brazil - https://roast.world/r/g7b9fJMw1cX8OPxMhr_Qd
  12. yes to @mfsl (£4.25), @ronan08 (£8.5), @Simon_S (£8.5) and @M_H_S (£34) just PM with your address and then we can work out payment via bank transfer for the total above + shipping. sam
  13. hi all, I have purchased too much green coffee of late and need to get my inventory lower so im offering it up in 1kg lots. im selling it for what I paid for it (plus shipping) so it might be a good opportunity for the home roasters out there to stock up on some different coffees. I have 3 types available and all are good (I think) and were purchase by me around Dec 15th 2019 while I was in Houston Texas (hence the American link). im guessing I have about 8kgs of each so not a lot but maybe there are folks out there that are interested. brazil £4.25per kg https://www.interamericancoffee.com/brazil-oberon-ayabas-guima-estate/ Ethiopian £8.50per kg https://www.interamericancoffee.com/ethiopia-amaro-natural-organic/ Honduras £4.25per kg https://www.interamericancoffee.com/honduras-la-campa-reserva/ I am not sure on shipping but that can we figured out down the road when I drop it at the post office. thanks sam
  14. Hi, I would love to rebuild and play around on a lever machine and I have always loved the look of the Cremina. if you have one laying around that is in bad shape and want to see it go to a new home then let me know. I live in Aberdeen so if your close I can pick it up but I’m thinking that this lockdown will be a little longer so I’m more than happy to pay for shipping. thanks sam
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