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  1. hi there, i am thinking of selling my 220V bullet roaster (~10 months old) as i am moving back to the states and dont need the 220V. the machine is in perfect working order and i have had zero issues with it. it is running the latest firmware and i have RT3 connected (new software as of last week). it has completed around 50 roasts (30 kg) which isnt a lot. this is your opportunity to get a machine without the 3 month waiting time. price is £2650 or the nearest offer and i will include some green coffee.
  2. i hope i dont get in trouble for posting this here 😁 hahah well someone might be in luck. im thinking of selling my 10 month old bullet 220V roaster. im moving back to the states and dont need the 220V (yes i can use a transformer etc but i thought i would give someone the opportunity to get one without waiting!) it should be on the buy sell forum in a few days when i get a few pics etc
  3. its hard to get rid of the chaff outside after the roast is finished but you can try tipping it from one bowl to and another on a windy day. that worked for me when it is a small amount
  4. really enjoying Rave as a green coffee supplier. they even give a 15% coupon when you order (1st time)
  5. I have got a V2 220v bullet. I have had zero issues with mine but do keep it clean and don’t roast much into second crack so maybe that helps 😀. about 100kg of green has Been roasted with it. I also had (sold it) a version 1 and didn’t have any issues apart from the temp probe reading drifting due to a lack of cleaning. But one I was on a cleaning schedule everything was fine. About 900kg of green was roasted with it. its hard to beat this Roaster for its ease of use, portability, technology...... and it look pretty cool! I would buy it again and again! Now if som
  6. Well I got it in the states so im not sure of the import taxes as I didn’t pay any when I came over with it. I would say you might be in the high £2500 all said and done. I have had zero issues and have owned 2 of them (110v and 220v which I currently own) and completed around 850kg’s. From the folks that did have issues (they had a batch of faulty boards) the service was excellent. New boards sent out when the problem was fixed. it’s really a plug and play machine with the ability to fine tune a lot of parameters . They also have a lot of interesting technology. I would
  7. no you can get the maker of the Cormorant to include probes which then hook into artisan which is the opensource option for logging all your info. I have used it and its an amazing piece of software with a great online presence. they even have some really cool analyzer tools to help you improve you roast etc. so I would say that you cant go wrong with the Cormorant although there is a waiting period of ~8months. i went with the bullet as i know how good it was and i wanted an electric roaster. one is not better than the other, they are jsut different ways as getting the same outcome
  8. scott rao's books are a great start. these are The coffee roasters companion Coffee roasting best practices you may want to look at the mill city roasters youtube channel as they go through everything about roasting. its a long time investment but well worth the viewing. I would start with the "roaster school - Season 1" videos.
  9. The gene is an excellent roaster. You will only need a bigger one if you plan to roast for others. If that’s the case then the cormorant/bullet R1/husky are all top notch machines
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