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  1. but I have actually inquired about converting the voltage and below is their correspondence. FYI, taking pump out is no trivial task In general you need to replace:Pump motor + capacitor3 solenoid coils (just coils - the valves stay..). 2 heaters.That’s it. Obviously getting to the parts is some work. Took me 4 hours to do this. Now, with experience, it would take me less...The 3d5 circuit board has to be wired for 220v. It is a header and you move one of the two shorts to the center. Discard or save the second short. Also, obviously, buy the consumables like the Viton seals for the heaters, etc.
  2. Yup, but just tickly it’s not worth it I don’t think. Or maybe I’m using that as an excuse to change out my machine 😜
  3. well yes I could keep the same machine but its 110v so I don't want to have a transformer sitting on my counter. I really love the GS3 and the consistent shot quality is amazing. I almost never have an issue part from dialing in a new coffee. I don't mind changing machines as I am now able to sell and rebuy (used) as a pretty high price point and not get burned on the cost of swapping. right now im looking at either a lever (LR or cremina) or a LM Linea Mini. all are great machine and work in slightly different ways. I don't think I can go wrong with any of these but it will all come down to price and availability (jan 2020). as for the grinder, it is a sette 270W. the weight is never on point, but that's ok as I can just top it off 1-2 grams at the end. my biggest annoyance is the noise. it is loud, to the point of actually being to loud for me. the grind quality is great for its price point and it has allowed me to understand that the way I make coffee fits better with conical burr than flat. so I know I want a conical system in my future. I would love a monolith but the price point is a little high for me unless I can find a used one. I think a happy medium is to get the niche for now and use it until a can get my hands on a used monolith. sam
  4. Well I’m off there this weekend so I’m getting my coat out of storage! Surely it language barrier can’t be that bad but I guess I will find out. At the very least it will be a good laugh. lake_m , when I get all setup I roast you some beans next time your up in that area.
  5. Pounds. My keyboard is American. I will be located in Aberdeen. I’m in the process of packing up at the moment. I will be on the ground Jan 1st. I know this is a little way out and probably on the lower side so I totally understand if you don’t want to either wait or come down to 1900 pounds. sam
  6. Hi there, I’m very interested. Would you be willing to match the price if the 13 new Vesuvius machines listed in a different post at $1900?
  7. hi Scott, do you happen to have a tamper that will fit with it?
  8. thats a nice setup. would you say the LR is as good as they say it is?
  9. so here is my current setup. LM GS3 AV (2009), which is fully rebuilt and powered coated black/ wood panels with a sette 270W. making amazing coffee and is really an end game machine. BUT since my moving from the states to the UK i want change. im think a lever machine with the niche grinder. any suggestions on the lever ?
  10. great little machine. this is how i started roasting. one additional recommendation GUY C-P is that i found i couldnt cool off the bean fast enough within the gene cooling cycle so i actually build a fan cooler tray out of wood etc which i dumped the hot beans onto. this cooled them down is around 30 sec. this stopped me over roasting my beans! mine is similar to this one
  11. i have two machines, the 1st version and the latest V2 version (on the ship right now). im excited by the V2 but to be honest i think that the V1 is so good that even a marginal improvement around the edges will be amazing. currently im around 1000lbs of green through the V1 with zero issues. yes i have to clean the sensor but its a pretty easy job. i would say that if you can get your hands on one then grab it. you will not be disappointed
  12. hi all, i will be making my way up to Aberdeen in the near future and will be bringing my Bullet R1 V2 roaster with me. it would be great if there are a few folks up that way who are into the roasting side of life so that i can share some stories with etc. right now i plan to bring some green coffee with me (much cheaper i have noticed) but when i run out it would be good to team up with some locals to split bags etc (132lbs is a lot of coffee for one person).
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