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    Cheers I'll start with that :-)
  2. brun


    Just got an aeropress and looking around everyone seems to have a different method I've not a clue where to start
  3. brun

    Bulletproof Coffee

    well their is a recipe for a coffee drink, but i was specifically talking about the beans and the low mycotoxin content of them
  4. brun

    Bulletproof Coffee

    im sure a few of you have heard of this, im interested to know your thoughts the owner of the company Dave Asprey was on a podcast i listen to a few weeks/months ago and he seemed to know what he was talking about and have credible qualifications http://www.bulletproofexec.com/coffee/ reading about other food/drink things online it seems their are a lot of different chemicals/toxins in our food these days which were not present years ago, and it might be why things like cancer are so much more common now, its interesting to look into
  5. when you talk about 2 weeks, im presuming these filters dont lose effectiveness over time ? does it depend on how much water your putting through them ?........if you dont use it very often would they last more than 4 weeks ?
  6. brun

    Cheap Grinder

    im about to buy a Delonghi / Krups burr grinder for the filter machine at work for £40, but if anyone has something on here thats better quality i might be interested
  7. their is not a single other alternative on the market, the Vario is the only one to choose really, nothing is so easy to adjust and get back to where you had it ive ground a fair bit of filter for work and its always gone back to espresso setting fine, what you have to remember is if your being really precise about things you will probably have to adjust the micro anyway as the humidity at that moment might be different from when you last did an espresso grind, but its not gonna be miles off, might be 1-2 settings out but this is normal and only very minor differences in the grind anyway at the french press setting ive had quite a few 'fines' but this is due to me i always without fail forget to run it without beans and adjust coarser, i end up putting my beans into the hopper before i remember so i always have a second or so of finer grind in the mix lol, this is purely my error and not the grinders, ill learn one day
  8. brun

    Coffee Continents

    from the replies in here i think i need to choose a Brazilian coffee next, they sound like a good match to my taste
  9. brun

    Waitrose own brand beans

    http://www.caffegino.co.uk does proper Italian beans, from Italy ! they seem to have vanished from the site though, might be worth emailing them
  10. just a best before July 2012
  11. Starbucks Medium House Blend, see my thread
  12. the mrs recently went to Chicago, and having bought me the Gaggia Classic for xmas, she brought me back some beans as a little present with all the talk on here of Starbucks/Costa/Nero etc etc being rubbish i wasnt expecting the result i got ! when i opened the bag the first thing i noticed is that they are roasted very dark, and oily, and this is supposedly a medium roast !.......they are pretty black and a little smokey smelling, in fact ive tried to do a comparison pic with Lusty Glaze to show you what they look like but ive not got very good lighting, Lusty is described as a 'Medium plus' roast, so not quite dark but heading that way my Lusty is now about 2 months old so ive had to get the grind finer now, but considering this Starbucks stuff was just off the shelf and not roasted to order i was expecting it to be stale and having to get the grinder at its finest setting to get a shot, far from it !........Ive had to make the grind coarser, and down dose to 14g to stop totally choking the machine, way off the Lusty setting, and the one drink ive made from this so far, i let the shot run for just over a minute, and it was fantastic bold, earthy tasting, lots of body to it, no sourness whatsoever which i seem to have experienced with every other bean so far, ive actually made a really tasty americano with it which is to my tastes, not of this citrus bullshit, ive made a coffee !!! ive no idea if the UK Starbucks beans would be similar, if this bag is roasted freakishly dark and bagged incorrectly, but for my tastes its spot on, if your fed up of chasing a good coffee and getting all these sour drinks, maybe give these a try or something equally as dark
  13. Certain beans do tend to squirt all over the place no matter what you do
  14. mines not got letters either, it would be easier with letters but its ok without
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