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  1. No worries, thanks for letting me know - enjoy the Mazzer!
  2. Apologies for the really slow reply - £100 is really as low as I can sensibly go. If you were interested at the price, welcome to come by to inspect.
  3. Not a worry - £85 is a bit less than what I had in mind - however, I would be willing to drop to £100. Of course, subject to inspection.
  4. Thanks. I suspect it is, but I am away from the manual (and cannot find a UK manual online) so unable to check details. It was purchased on 11 January 2019 and I anticipate it would have a 12 month warranty - I will be able to come back to you on Saturday to confirm.
  5. Final price drop to £100. Thanks!
  6. Price drop to £120. In addition to collection from North-West London, I would happy to alternatively arrange mid-week collection near Holborn in Central London. M
  7. Hi Jason, thanks for your message. I haven’t personally used it for espresso, but it can be. Others on the forum may be better placed to say. I can say it is an excellent grinder for filter for its price.
  8. Hello Looking to sell my virtuoso grinder which I purchased new in January 2019 for £216. Reason for sale is the recent purchase of a Niche Zero. Grinder is in full working order - I suspect I’ve put about 4kg of beans through it since purchase - so still fairly new! In good condition. Been used for filter coffee only. Asking for £130. Collection from North-West London. Unfortunately it comes without a box. Thanks! M
  9. Mbot

    LM Linea Mini

    Just formally withdrawing my offer as on track to pick up a machine on another thread in this forum. Dunk was very helpful with prompt responses. GLWTS Dunk!
  10. Apologies Paolo! Not a worry at all. I’d like to buy one of your machines for £1,900 please!
  11. Hi Paolo, that is entirely fair, I appreciate your response. It is always worth asking! I can certainly see this is a very generous offer - if there was still a machine available, it would be my pleasure to buy one for £1,900. I would be very excited to have a Vesuvius in my home. M
  12. Hi Paolo, as I've mentioned quite interested in taking up your offer - are there any of the Vesuvius remaining? Would you accept £1,800?
  13. Thanks Jony - my oversight, apologies.
  14. Hi Paolo I'm quite interested in this - is the offer for the silver model or the black? Thanks! M
  15. Mbot

    LM Linea Mini

    Thanks Russe11, noted and the reason why I posted my offer on the forum.
  16. Mbot

    LM Linea Mini

    Thanks for your quick responses Dunk - I’ve had a think about it and while I’m keen to pick up a Mini, I’m in no immediate rush. With that in mind, I’ll stick with my offer of £2,000 (subject to inspection). If upon reflection, you were interested to take me up on this offer, welcome let me know. Otherwise, I wish you all the best for the sale.
  17. Mbot

    LM Linea Mini

    PM sent - Dunk, would you be willing to accept an offer of £2000?
  18. Looks like a seriously impressive piece of keen - currently looking into getting one!
  19. How are you finding the Niche? Looks like an impressive piece of kit!
  20. Hello all! Long time lurker but decided it was time to join. Been into coffee for a long time and have a filter set up at home with Hario kettle, Baratza Virtuoso and various pourover methods. Time to start the plunge into the home espresso game!
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