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  1. No worries, thanks for letting me know - enjoy the Mazzer!
  2. Apologies for the really slow reply - £100 is really as low as I can sensibly go. If you were interested at the price, welcome to come by to inspect.
  3. Not a worry - £85 is a bit less than what I had in mind - however, I would be willing to drop to £100. Of course, subject to inspection.
  4. Thanks. I suspect it is, but I am away from the manual (and cannot find a UK manual online) so unable to check details. It was purchased on 11 January 2019 and I anticipate it would have a 12 month warranty - I will be able to come back to you on Saturday to confirm.
  5. Final price drop to £100. Thanks!
  6. Price drop to £120. In addition to collection from North-West London, I would happy to alternatively arrange mid-week collection near Holborn in Central London. M
  7. Hi Jason, thanks for your message. I haven’t personally used it for espresso, but it can be. Others on the forum may be better placed to say. I can say it is an excellent grinder for filter for its price.
  8. Hello Looking to sell my virtuoso grinder which I purchased new in January 2019 for £216. Reason for sale is the recent purchase of a Niche Zero. Grinder is in full working order - I suspect I’ve put about 4kg of beans through it since purchase - so still fairly new! In good condition. Been used for filter coffee only. Asking for £130. Collection from North-West London. Unfortunately it comes without a box. Thanks! M
  9. Mbot

    LM Linea Mini

    Just formally withdrawing my offer as on track to pick up a machine on another thread in this forum. Dunk was very helpful with prompt responses. GLWTS Dunk!
  10. Mbot

    Vesuvius offer

    Apologies Paolo! Not a worry at all. I’d like to buy one of your machines for £1,900 please!
  11. Mbot

    Vesuvius offer

    Hi Paolo, that is entirely fair, I appreciate your response. It is always worth asking! I can certainly see this is a very generous offer - if there was still a machine available, it would be my pleasure to buy one for £1,900. I would be very excited to have a Vesuvius in my home. M
  12. Mbot

    Vesuvius offer

    Hi Paolo, as I've mentioned quite interested in taking up your offer - are there any of the Vesuvius remaining? Would you accept £1,800?
  13. Mbot

    Vesuvius offer

    Thanks Jony - my oversight, apologies.
  14. Mbot

    Vesuvius offer

    Hi Paolo I'm quite interested in this - is the offer for the silver model or the black? Thanks! M
  15. Mbot

    LM Linea Mini

    Thanks Russe11, noted and the reason why I posted my offer on the forum.
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