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  1. Jason11

    Hand Grinder

    Another commandant C40 use here. I’ve got 2, 1 with the Redclix upgrade set for espresso and a standard one for filter. While the Redclix upgrade doesn’t make it grind any finer it makes it so much easier to dial in without big shot time swings so would recommend getting it if using for espresso.
  2. Email details messaged thanks.
  3. I’ll add my name, thanks Brewster 1. Brewster 2. ShotsFired37 3. TonyCoffeeNewbie 4. Jason11
  4. I would suggest that maybe if a machine that fits your needs hasn’t been suggested so far from the very helpful and knowledgable forum members it maybe doesn’t exist....
  5. I do believe as previously suggested then that a Nespresso machine would be best for you.
  6. I upgraded my Classic with a PID and I’ve found a lot more powerful steaming and also very stable and repeatable temperature. So you why both [emoji1303]
  7. Jason11

    UK Based Roasters

    I live in Thatcham too and never realised they were here. Thanks for the heads up I’ll give them a try [emoji1303]
  8. Yes I ran the descaler through the steam wand too. So I guess it’s either something that’s dislodged into the valve and not letting it close fully or the valve needs replacing then. After a 30 minute warmup there’s probably a 1” pool under it so not too drastic, yet. I can live with that but is it likely to progressively get worse quickly once they start to go? Cheers for the advice
  9. Hi guys After recently descaling my Gaggia Classic there seems to be some dripping coming from the steam wand while the machine is warming up. It gets worse once I’ve purged the water from the wand after the machine is up to steaming temp. Any idea what the problem may be or what I need to check/replace ? Thanks Jason
  10. I’ve got two C40’s. I use one for filtered generally using a clever dripper and I’m usually between 23-26 clicks. The other I use for espresso and it’s got the red clix upgrade to it and I’m usually 17-19 clicks, which would be 8.5-9.5 clicks on a standard c40. But this would all be dependant on the machine you’re using and the beans. Different machines will be running at different temps & pressures and different beans would need different grind. This is a ball park though [emoji1303]
  11. Also different beans need different grind settings too.
  12. Morning, I’m interested in this too. I really enjoyed the Chinese Xingang filtered from Rave (ended up buying 3kgs in the end). The ‘boozy’ profile really worked with the clever dripper method I was using.
  13. It does sound as though you’re grinding a little bit too coarse if it’s flowing fast after 2-3 seconds.
  14. Rave shipped an order for me on Wednesday which arrived by Royal Mail yesterday.
  15. I’m pretty new to specialty coffee but the beans vary in size quite a bit which I’ve not seen in any single origin I’ve tried so far.
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