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  1. Try grinding finer. You shouldn’t use tamping pressure to alter extraction times, use a consistent tamp and that’s one variable out of the way. Also the right ratio for you may not be 15g to 30g so experiment on longer and shorter yields but the extraction time of 13-14 seconds is a bit quick.
  2. It’s one way to bump up the price! Zero feedback, could it be someone who uses these forums and doesn’t want to be slated hence made up a new eBay account? [emoji848] [emoji2958]
  3. How do you find the Topstones rear pivot? It was on my shortlist of gravel bikes before I ended up buying a Rondo Ruut.
  4. 1. ratty 2. Siliconslave 3. MediumRoastSteam 4. Salty 5. pottolom 6. EricC 7. MinesAbeer 8. Nicd 9. ZiggyMarley 10. Moppy 11. jazzersi 12. E404 13. Xabi17 14. Jason11 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.
  5. Do you add the grinds in one hit? I sprinkle the grinds in 4-5 layers gently sinking/stirring each layer. It takes around 30-40 seconds to add the grinds using this method. I figure you’ll get better extraction from all the grinds than adding them in one go and risking some grinds getting to the bottom without much if any real contact with the water.
  6. Been doing it like that for quite a while now and I prefer it by far. It makes timings far more consistent. [emoji1303]
  7. I think the OP is asking which roasting machine not espresso machine.
  8. I had to replace the filters on mine on Sunday and as far as I could understand the manual gave 2 procedures for resetting. I did the other one which was to switch the machine off and then keep the dispensing button pressed in while switching the machine on until you hear 4 beeps. Is this a different reset procedure? Not sure if I did it correctly now or not now. [emoji848]
  9. I’m hoping less static in the grinds is a sign.
  10. If it were just the machine I agree £850 would be a bit steep although if patient I’m sure it would eventually sell for that but with the accessories I think £850 is a fair price for both buyer and seller and it would have a transferable warranty as that’s always a concern when buying used.
  11. I do find the Niches 2nd hand prices a bit bizarre and I know it will be down to the waiting time. Personally I wouldn’t pay more than 80% for any used item even if it was in as new condition. But you know if there’s one for sale at £450 (90% of new price) it would sell in minutes if not seconds and both buyer and seller would be happy with the deal. Disclaimer: I do own a Niche so not trying to get one on the cheap [emoji1787]
  12. Definitely Bon Scott and not Brian Johnson vocals [emoji6][emoji1303]
  13. I would probably say £800-£850(maybe a bit more with the accessories) for the MaraX and £400-£450 for the Niche.
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