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  1. Also don’t use the plastic pin if using non pressurised baskets.
  2. Jason11

    Mara X

    I’ve had to leave mine for 10 days. A bit less than 3 months I know but I drained the service boiler and will probably fill and flush the same as I did when I first received it as per manual.
  3. Will do, back from holiday on Monday and just need to get some photos sorted then listed. Probably Tuesday evening/Wednesday next week [emoji1303]
  4. I’ll be listing my 2008 PID’d Gaggia Classic next week. It will be for collection only but I’m in West Berkshire if that’s any closer/good for you. Cheers, Jason
  5. Tried to force myself to drink this as on holiday....but nope couldn’t drink it!
  6. 0.08g of bicarbonate of soda added to 1 litre of Osmio zero water is what has been recommended to make good machine friendly water.
  7. I would say the puck isn’t compressed enough in your prep plus the grind does look a little coarse to me. As said above there looks to be a lot of dry areas that the water hasn’t been through on your puck. Definitely work on your preparation. Even if you discard the tamper eventually having a good consistent tamp is an essential skill to learn and I wouldn’t be not tamping a puck until you’re happy with tamped results first.
  8. Jason11

    Mara X

    Can I drop mine off once a month for a full valet? [emoji23]
  9. Jason11

    Mara X

    Do you have a grouphead thermometer ? The MaraX is a clever bit of kit and I would have thought whether the service boiler pressure was in the 0.5-0.7 or 0.9-1.5 range the brew temperature would be very similar. After pulling your shot and steaming I reckon it would settle down to the lower pressure without having to raise the lever when at the higher level Like you’ve been doing. Be interested to hear if this is the case ?
  10. Just removed the filters to empty my Osmio Zero and found there was no post filter installed in the first place. Has anyone else experienced this or did I get a Friday afternoon packed one ?
  11. Hi guys, Can anyone recommend a good coffee shop in the Weymouth area? Cheers
  12. Agree totally with this. This has been the same story for carbon bike frames made in China for years.
  13. Hi guys, Does anyone know if it’s OK to leave the Osmio Zero switched off for 10 days with water in it ? I don’t want to leave it switched on and the manual doesn’t cover this scenario. I guess it would be a good idea to flush some water through afterwards. Cheers
  14. As long as you pull the shots @ within 5 minute windows of each other the MaraX will give good temp stability, not too sure for other HX machines though.
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