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  1. What did the Postie bring me today.... The wrong beans, and I’ve just used the last of my stock [emoji30]
  2. I think the advice was to not double/treble post but maybe also introduce yourself first [emoji6]
  3. I’ve not any experience with the encore but recently bought a new Wilfa Svart for using with brewed coffee (clever dripper & aeropress so far). I’ve been pretty impressed with the results so far. I’m pretty new to the coffee world so it may just be a case of the fact that I didn’t realise how much better proper coffee was and not that I’m making exceptional coffee using it. It can be bought for under £100 so may be an alternative to look at. HTH Jason
  4. Jason11

    Black Friday

    I’m just on my first 250g bag of the Ethiopian Banco Gotete and absolutely loving it so I’ve just ordered another kilo with the 25% discount. I’ve been using it with a clever dripper and Aeropress. Ps. I also tried the Rwanda Bwishaza a few weeks back which was the free bag of beans I got from Horsham with my Wilfa Svart Grinder which were very nice too. Enjoy Jason
  5. Hi guys, I’m looking to buy a portable hand grinder possibly something like the MBK aergrind. Would anyone have one they are looking at selling or maybe something similar. Thanks Jason Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. As above I can confirm the discount is taken off at the final checkout stage. Cheers
  7. Hi I just tried to order a kilo of beans and although it says discount applied it doesn’t change the amount due. Any ideas ? Thanks Jason
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. I’m not too bothered about a tiny amount of caffeine in the evening coffee’s I will be drinking so I guess I can either grind without purging or maybe just purge a couple of grams of beans first.
  9. Hi guys I’m fairly new here and to the whole coffee world in general. I’ve a question with regards the best approach when changing beans using my Wilfa Svart grinder. I’m currently using a clever dripper method to brew coffee which I really love the taste of. Probably a bit too much hence why I want to have a couple of cups of decaffeinated coffee in the evenings after a couple of regular ground bean coffees in the afternoon so I’m not drinking too much caffeine. When switching beans on a daily basis what’s the best approach ? Can I just purge a few grams of beans to make sure 99% of the new beans I put in reach the cup or am I better to remove the top burr (easy enough to do) and clean the grinds with a brush as best I can ? Tasting wise I’m certainly a long long way from being a connoisseur but would like to try and get as much as the selected ground bean output into the cup. Cheers Jason
  10. Hi guys Can anyone advise as to whether these beans are good for brewed/filter methods ? Thanks Jason Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Jason11


    Thanks How old is it ? Cheers
  12. Jason11


    Hi Wan So besides the crack it is in good working condition for espresso grinding ? Thanks Jason
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