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  1. The advantage of using an adjustable spanner is that you can allow for the use of some soft jaws or wrap with insulation tape to avoid marking the machine. If using a fixed sized spanner I’m not sure you could still use the protection. Maybe a slightly bigger imperial size with protection may work though. [emoji848]
  2. Now that makes more sense than a lot of stuff on here lately! [emoji23]
  3. Can’t wait to see the results [emoji1303]
  4. It definitely will. My drip tray is probably 3/4’s full at night if I’ve made 4 x @18g shots. As you know I’ve got an Osmio Zero so always got water to put in it but an OPV return pipe mod would save me money plus less water wastage. [emoji1303]
  5. I suspect it wouldn’t be thermally stable from the 15-16m time when the light stopped flashing and would ideally be best to wait for the 35 minutes if its an option but at a push in an emergency (well it was for me anyway [emoji23]) you can make an acceptable shot when the light stops flashing I reckon (if the grouphead thermometer is nearly up to temp) I also saw another YT video where the tests showed it was good at 24m then unstable until 35m then stable after that. I’ll still usually have the minimum 35 minute warm-up time as it’s generally on if I’m at home but would be happy to p
  6. Sorry misunderstood, I’ll burn my hand for you Alberto [emoji6][emoji23]
  7. @MediumRoastSteam stone cold [emoji1303]
  8. I thought I’d share my findings about the warm-up time for the MaraX this morning (disclaimer; this is in no way a scientific experiment). I’ve read quite a lot about the MaraX ideally needing a good 35 minutes to warm-up and have always left it at least that before pulling a shot. My MaraX is on a WiFi plug which comes on at 5.30am. Weekdays I get up at 6am and have a bowl of cereal followed by making a Latte at around 6.15am so a 45 minute warm-up time for the machine. This morning I came downstairs to discover the filler tank light was flashing and the machine stone cold with 0 bar on
  9. Jason11

    Mara X

    Just tried the largest stock MaraX basket with the Rocket bottomless portafilter and looks like it fits OK to me [emoji1303]
  10. Jason11

    Mara X

    Not a cheap option but the Acaia Lunar scales will pretty much give you an automatic shot timer. Just place the cup on the scales as you raise the lever to start the shot and it automatically tares/starts timer then when you lower the lever it automatically stops the timer when it senses no more flow.
  11. I’ve only removed and lubed the lever cam once so far although it is due again now and found it easy enough to put the lever back without loosening the preinfusion chamber. It just requires a firm wiggle/push.
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