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  1. I do feel there should sometimes be a "nothing" section located to the coffee wheel... I am with you, i've had that before
  2. Thanks for the advice, I am looking for one for Christmas, and this reply seems the best from the thread. WIll check all 3 out! Cheers
  3. I I was looking for the exact same advice as you've been asking. Interesting, thanks for your questions here. If you find any more out, please do share them. I'm all ears for a new manual grinder for Christmas!
  4. Beanstair

    Black Friday

    Type Deal Where Code Ends Coffee Up to 20% off on selected coffees and 10% off bean to bar chocolate. Bean Smitten N/A Midnight Sunday Coffee Spend £25 of on coffee and get 25% off Horsham Coffee N/A N/A Coffee Buy one get one 25% Off Rave Coffee N/A Until Cyber Monday Coffee Up to 25% off UE Coffee N/A All Weekend Coffee 25% off all coffee Round Hill Roastery BLACKFRIDAY Midnight Sunday Coffee 20% off coffes and workshops Kiss the Hippo HOLIDAYBREW N/A Coffee 30% off Grouds and Beans Coffee Link BLACKFRIDAY N/A Coffee Free 250G Beans with every order Colonna Coffee N/A N/A Coffee 25% off coffee Craft House Coffee Blackfriday2019 Midnight Monday Coffee 30% off first month coffee subscription Gustatory Coffee BLACK30 N/A Gear Reductions on some accessories, brewers, grinders etc Workshop Coffee N/A N/A Gear 20% off anything in our Brewed Coffee, Barista Tools, and Cafe Supplies categories Coffee Hit N/A 3pm Monday Parts + Gear Deals on parts, accessories, machines and more The Espresso Shop N/A Until 1st Dec Parts + Gear 30% off Coffee Sensor N/A N/A Gustatory are offering 30% off a first month subscription + competition giveaway entry: https://www.gustatory.co/pages/speciality-coffee-box-subscriptions - BLACK30 I spoke to someone on their live chat and I am to look forward to receiving Right Side (in Spain) and Kiss the hippo when my december delivery arrives.
  5. I have heard many good things about Frama. Thanks for the heads up! Will definitely go now
  6. 3 bag from Gustatory! Have been letting them all rest for a few weeks, but now it's time to open the La Casita! 91/100 SCA scoring with a flavour of honey has got all my coffee tingles tingling!
  7. Grllys (stumped the next person, havent i...)
  8. The aeropress! But I genuinely thought I was the only one who ever did. So happy to see it the most popular Has anyone seen the new Aeropress Go? Thoughts?
  9. Quarter Horse in Birmingham. Haha, 200 degrees, that made me laugh! They're so far from speciality it hurts. Used to be independent, but they were awarded 10 million venture capital, and are fast chasing Starbucks! Wouldn't touch their cafes with a bargepole, 70% out of principle for not being an independent but trying to be, 30% due to the coffee Ooo, ngopi are cool in Birmingham too. Asian coffee place
  10. Oh absolutely. I think Colonna is unbelievably overrated, and I spoke to quite a few roasters when I went to the london coffee festival this year, and didn't hear many good words about the folk at the top of their management 😕 - I believe in the family / community vibe! I think Cascara is meant to be a good go to, but I'd fully 100% recommend Mokoko. Society is also quite nice!
  11. Not by process, but I'd recommend Gustatory. I am subscribed and they at least do preferences of light / dark etc. Here you go: https://www.gustatory.co/pages/speciality-coffee-box-subscriptions
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