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  1. Hi I´m not sure if my coffee shoot will be good or not . I think my grinding isn't good . Attached a video https://youtu.be/pB1MS8WwPQU After shoot "Caffe illy Etiopia with 11 Gr" I would like advices about it.
  2. I registered time ago , but my English was very bad therefore I couldn't write good , I think my English is a bit better, therefore I need to share my doubts through this fantastic hobbie . I am taking from 5 months learning about the coffee universe, I hope to learn much more in this forum. I attacth some pictures about my equipament Regards
  3. Hi everybody , I have readed during a lot of time about caffe storage but yet I don´t have a clear grasp about how make it. I try to explain my doubt. I always buy packet lavazza 2,2 Lb in my country Spain here sell only that size . I recived 4 days ago my packet lavazza gold selection . I take 2 caffe per day abaut 20 gr per day, at month are 600 gr ,so I want storage the best possible way. I was thinking in purcharse this : https://www.amazon.es/Aitsite-Selladora-Envasadora-automático-Verduras/dp/B07QHVXFR5?ref_=s9_apbd_orecs_hd_bw_b2MXy8F&pf_rd_r=EEVBBC22PXKM6WD6Q3SW&a
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