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  1. I guess that's the mark-up you pay for buying from a reputable UK based company who offer a 2 year RTB warranty? Seems reasonable to me tbh. For reference I bought my JX Pro from BB for £189, but I know it can be bought direct for closer to £160 delivered 🤷‍♂️
  2. If the BB website is anything to go by, it looks like these issues have been ironed out.
  3. There were a few comments earlier in this thread about Eureka working on an affordable single dosing grinder, is there any weight to those comments, or was it just some wishful thinking? I'd really like to see them come out with something....
  4. I agree with @ajohn. I've had a SGP for over two years and as my first grinder I have no regrets, it has served me well.
  5. You'd have to give me 80 EUR to take the carbon one 😏 Surely they just have to update the website to make this the case...
  6. The thought that this is a poor man's Lagom did cross my mind the other day 😂 I'm the same. Someone needs to tell BB that they can't gauge the popularity of the grinder based on the sales of this initial batch, because no bugger wants this 'colour'!
  7. I came across another video, not sure if this one has been mentioned before.....
  8. Good to know. The grinders are generally really solidly built, but I do have concerns about the longevity of the rubber grip on the pro.
  9. No idea what others are using, but I'm at 1.7 currently using fresh, good quality beans and a recipe of 18g in, 36g out, in about 32s using a MaraX. The last beans I had, I actually started up at 1.8 for espresso. YMMV!
  10. It takes me under 30s to do 18g for espresso on my JX pro, and I'm far from a big guy 😂
  11. Interesting, the underside of the bottom burr looks slightly different than mine. I'm on 1.7 for espresso right now, so I'd suggest you're far too fine, especially for a 28g dose?
  12. I'm kind of tempted to give it a go, but the more I look, the uglier it gets! Particularly in that carbon fibre look 😩 Is there a reference point for the adjustment ring? I can't see any from the photos.
  13. Comparisons with the Niche are inevitable, but I don't think anyone is suggesting there's going to be an exodus from the Niche to one of these. For people who don't have (or want!) a Niche however, this seems like an interesting and competitively priced alternative.
  14. The Timemore looks ok but after a quick google it seems like it might not be the best for espresso, so I think you might regret it. Personally I'd push the boat out a bit further and get one of the more premium grinders. I've got a JX Pro which I really like and use daily, so that gets a +1 from me.
  15. I get the same with my JX Pro, but rather than worry about it I just add an extra bean/0.1g when dosing. I still use the brush to clean it after each use obviously, but I found that trying to brush these stuck grounds into the grounds cup always ended up making a mess anyway. This way, I just don't worry about it.
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