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  1. I've had a similar experience with Square Mile. They once sent me 500g instead of the 1kg I'd ordered. I emailed them and they were very quick and apologetic in response, and instead of simply sending out another 500g to make it up, they sent me another full 1kg!
  2. I've had mine for over 4 months now and I'm still loving it, it's a great machine and I really enjoy using it. One thing I bought recently was a smart plug. It's not something that I need every day, but there were occasions where I was out and, coming home, I wish I'd been able to switch the machine on in advance so it was ready for me getting in. Not a problem anymore! Maybe not essential kit, but could be handy for some given the fairly long heat up time.
  3. Bicky

    Mara X

    I got mine on Ebay. It's not cheap, but a tube will probably last forever 😆
  4. I've already got 1kg on the way from elsewhere, but I guess another 500gs won't hurt 😂 Cheers for the (double) discount!
  5. As above, I bought a VST basket from HasBean because it was so competitively priced. Communication was excellent, dispatch and delivery was prompt, and they even threw in a small sample of beans. On the back of this I might try some beans from them next time. 👍
  6. Had mine two years and it's never skipped a beat (I never use super light roast though). I have no regrets for the price I paid for it, and it being my first grinder. I think the alternatives at this price point are a hand grinder, used commercial, or entry level mignon (for a bit more money)? Each have different pros and cons I would say. I've considered upgrading a couple of times, but in the end I've never felt compelled enough to do so. I recently bought a 1Zpresso JX Pro and while I haven't done any side by side cupping or anything like that, I think I'd be hard pushed to say one is
  7. Bicky

    Mara X

    I'm the same as @Jason11 and this approach fits nicely into my workflow.
  8. Bicky

    Mara X

    I've found 18g in the double basket was sometimes too much for my liking (depending on the beans), but rather than use the bigger basket I dropped my dose to 17g. I don't like having too much head room in the basket, I think this can lead to more inconsistent shots. Only time I've used the triple is when dosing 19g+.
  9. The Honduras is really good. We had it mainly as v60 but also tried it as french press a couple of times. Thumbs up from us! 👍
  10. I'm about 1.8 (turns from zero) for medium-dark espresso, then about another full turn for v60 (although I am new to pour over and still very much learning), then about another 3 turns again for french press. I think the grinder is a nice bit of kit. It's solid, feels well built, and I enjoy using it, however I've stopped using it for espresso because I found it to be too inconsistent. By inconsistent I mean, with all other variables being equal, I found my shot times to vary quite a bit, more than I'd like. I can't really explain why, although I still feel it might be me that's the probl
  11. I don't know a thing about knives but I happen to be reading Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential at the moment (enjoying it!), and he recommends Global knives 🤷‍♂️ The book is 20 odd years old but I don't imagine knife technology has moved on much in that time? 😆 They are expensive in my eyes, but I guess perfectly reasonably priced to others.
  12. The Commandante seemed to be well liked everywhere I've seen/read. Not sure if you need to Red Clix upgrade though, for more control in the espresso range? Worth doing a bit of research.... I've got a 1zpresso JX Pro which is another option - solid, well built, and I've used it to switch between espresso, pour over and french press, with good results. With all these manual grinders you just have to remember the number of clicks or rotations between the different methods, and take a mental note of the last method used so you know where you are the next time! As long as you are comfort
  13. Peace of mind of a 3 year warranty through a high street retailer, over buying off a random stranger online with potentially no, or much less, warranty or guarantee of how well it's been cared for? Surely you can see why that might appeal to some people. I mean, if the difference in quality is huge, then maybe the point is moot, but is it? 🤔 All these grinders suffer from retention, where some of the coffee you grind stays in the grinder until you grind more through, when the new grinds push out or dislodge the older grinds. Obviously if you're going from espresso to say french pr
  14. Buy one from Lakeland and you'll get a 3 year warranty, beyond that, who can say 🤷‍♂️ Many don't agree, but I think it's a decent entry level grinder, and certainly a big step up from buying pre-ground coffee. It does however suffer from retention, so you will have to purge some grounds between grind adjustments, or when switching brew methods. If you are switching between different methods often, it may not be ideal.
  15. Bicky

    Mara X

    Draw your water first, before prepping the coffee, then by the time you pull your shot it will be a more reasonable temperature? The other thing to note, and it's been mentioned a couple of times in this thread, is that the water might not taste as good as freshly boiled water from the kettle.
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