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  1. R.E. Feld47 Vs JX Pro - I said a few things about them here -
  2. Aergrind - not ideal for espresso. Brewpro - no idea, but as you say, no info on it, so a bit of a gamble. I'd assume the Feld and JX Pro are better if you're willing to spend the extra money. Feld and JX Pro - I would happily recommend either of them. Both really well built and can produce excellent coffee. As Dave said, not much between them, pick whichever you like best. Remember to add VAT to that Feld price if you're in the UK.
  3. After contacting BB about the 1zpresso travel case and finding that they're no longer stocking it, I ended up buying it from Sigma. Glad I did. Keenly priced, dispatched and delivered quickly, good comms, and free delivery! No complaints from me 👍 (NB I stupidly thought an aeropress would fit in this case, it doesn't 😩)
  4. The Field 47 is in stock at the moment - https://www.madebyknock.com/store/p48/feld47.html I've got both grinders, had the JX Pro for about a year, the Feld 47 only a couple of days. Early days with the Feld but in terms of grind quality, I don't think there's really much between them. Usability-wise, I think I prefer the JX. The grind adjustment is just a bit more intuitive, and the screw on grind catcher is more pleasing to use than the o-ring sealed one on the Feld. The grinding itself I'd say the Feld is smoother and easier to turn, although at the expense of being a fair bit slower (
  5. I've just went and ordered one, it's so pretty 🤩 I'll post my thoughts when I've got it 👍
  6. https://www.madebyknock.com/store/p48/feld47.html Anyone know anything about this gold titanium Feld47? Is this just the standard Feld47? Their home page says Feld47 2021, coming soon. Is this it, or is there a new design in the works? I'm considering getting one but would wait if there's something new coming out. Also find it strange that this isn't listed on their main store page, but it seems they are available when you go directly to the product page 🤔
  7. @Like Medium Strong Coffee what are the shipping costs on spare parts? $30? I'd really like the travel case but I'm put off by the fact that shipping costs more than the case itself.
  8. Are the scratches around the magnets simply from twisting the grinds catcher when the magnets don't quite engage?
  9. Interesting, and a full review forthcoming in the next few months. Also a bunch of espresso machines in the background, including a MaraX!
  10. Alright, I'll take the final 2 then if they're still available! 😃
  11. Bicky

    Flair 58

    I assume it'll come in around £500. I think I've been priced out of this one, but perhaps if others upgrade I can snag a second hand pro/signature instead! 😉
  12. I'm keen to get a case for mine as well. I was actually ready to just buy it from BB, until I went to checkout and they wanted £7 for delivery 😒 I've tried searching for info about the cases, but I can't find much. There's this video that gives you a decent look at the cylinder one.
  13. If you feel the need to season the burrs, season them. If you're unsure, make a couple of coffees. If you're not happy with them, or think they could be better, maybe try seasoning. If you do enjoy the coffee, then relax in the knowledge that the coffee you make for the next few months might get better and better 😎 Same for burr alignment. Unless you really must have the absolute best, or are simply curious, I say just go with it and see how you get on first, before thinking about shimming or anything like that! For those who already have the grinder - we need more photos, pleas
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