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  1. Correct, yes it does curdle a bit in tea. As a standalone milk replacement, it is amazing though (and healthy!). The "full fat" version could be very good for steaming though? I only drink coffee black, save for a tiny bit of "schiuma" in an espresso and it does the job.
  2. harman

    Has Bean Ana Sora

    oooh you're in for a treat! Glorious with some buttered toast! Quick tip, I left my second batch for a few days after the roasting date and it tasted even better.
  3. harman

    Has Bean Ana Sora

    I recently picked up a couple of bags of Has Bean's Ana Sora Natural from Ethiopia and just had to share it. It is a phenomenal coffee, packed full of flavour and with a massive blueberry kick (although not sickly sweet). In a V60 and Kalita it has been sublime. I'm a long time Has Bean customer but this one is above and beyond! Has anyone else tried it?
  4. Hi, I have a Mahlkonig K30 Air that I bought brand new from CoffeeItalia in October 2017.I have used it sparingly, primarily with my Quickmill Verona (which i am also selling!) but it has otherwise sat on my kitchen workbench looking pretty/annoying my wife. I've just run some beans through it and it works like a dream. Its in fabulous condition, and pretty much as new. I rarely make espresso at home now. I have all the original documentation, including the original receipt of sale from CoffeeItalia if needed. Price: I am open to offers around £1000 and would be happy to p
  5. Hi, I went a bit wild at the beginning and went for a quickmill verona and mahlkonig v30 for espresso. It was sublime for a short period of time but now we are moving so I need to downsize. Just my personal advice; start with a Gaggia classic or something similar and a good hand grinder and work your way up. You learn and have fun (and can spend on good coffee!)
  6. me too! you're in for a treat!
  7. i'm so glad i finally signed up. This place has been a goldmine of coffe-related information. Thank you.
  8. looks like a quality mod...?
  9. oh this one is beautiful! Try the ethiopia Ana Sora from hasbean. its exceptional. Lots of blueberries! just about to play an order myself.
  10. Hi, you should try Rebel Kitchen's MYLK (blue "full fat"). I don't use it for coffee (only drink black) but its got a very full-fat milk consistency and is very tasty.
  11. the clever dripper is a handy tool for work. Bit bulky to carry but easy to clean!
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