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  1. Setting number 5 it takes nearly 2 minutes to pull a shot. Setting number 6 takes 10 seconds. I am trying to tamp as consistent as I can. I cant get my head around the big difference due to just one step. Would stepless conversion fix this? Or is the grinder no good. Ive not had it long. Coffee machine is Gaggia Classic Pro
  2. Is it worth doing the stepless conversion on a MDF grinder? Is the change in grind size between say number 5 to 6 so great that I would notice something in between?
  3. i Have a Gaggia Classic Pro 2019 and the MDF grinder. i dialled in some new beans, Coffee Direct Machu Picho and everything was great. none pressurised portafilter, 17g to yield 34g in 30 seconds from first pour. This was grinder setting 5. next day, followed same procedure and extraction took about a minute and a half. so I set grinder to 6, slightly coarser and next shot was over in 15 seconds. any ideas? I’m trying to tamp as consistent as I can. Would this make much difference. or does the machine need PID? or any other suggestions? Thanks.
  4. Got a new Classic pro and it turns off after 10 mins or so of inactivity. Can this be bypassed?
  5. I’ve always loved coffee and have decided to get a bit more serious and make decent stuff at home. so I got this after a bit of guidance on here and watching loads of YouTube. I am getting some very pleasing results. possibly might put a pid on? What you think?
  6. A double came with my Gaggia Classic and I tried it out this morning with some preground Lavazza I had knocking around and it was great! Really impressed with it. So just wondering is it a snobby thing not to use them? how much worse are they than non pressurised?
  7. Thats really useful, thanks GrowlingDog
  8. Ive got a new Gaggia Classic Pro and have an issue with the single basket. The double one is OK. I filled the single one to the top and levelled off with my finger then tamped it down. But there seemed to be so much coffee in it that it wouldnt allow me to turn the handle into the group head. I had to take some coffee out to get the handle to engage. So am I doing it wrong by filling the single basket up to the top before tamping it down?
  9. Who are good suppliers for the new model in the UK? Or where is a good place to buy from?
  10. I like the idea behind the Pavoni. And the Eurika grinders look good. im quite tempted by this combination. does the Pavoni do double shots as well as single?
  11. Thank you all for the replies. Plenty to think about.
  12. Hi, I'm planning to start making coffee at home. I mostly enjoy flat white, cappuccino type drinks. And a decent espresso shot now and again. I have been looking at the Rancilio Sylvia paired with their Rocky dosorless grinder, about £660 new. Would this be a good route to go down or do you have any alternative suggestions? Thanks!
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