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  1. Yes you're right. I thought it was a major mechanical issue at first. I'll give it a thorough clean again in a few weeks.
  2. Cheers. I've fixed it. Lifting the rubber flap and pushing old grinds out fixed it. Thanks.
  3. I've sorted it and there is no need to unscrew the screw pictured above. Instead lift up this black rubber flap. I then used a wooden cocktail stick to push out the coffee which had become solid . All sorted now.
  4. Should I info this screw?.Will the chute come out?
  5. I have seen a similar problem and the exit chute is completely blocked. Is there a good way to clean this out?
  6. It was grinding then it just slowed down and stopped. I took the top plate off, cleaned it out and put it back together. The grinding plate spins no problems, but as soon as I introduce coffee beans it stops again. I have backed off to a course grind setting but it's no better. I've got video by too big to post on here. Should I take the bottom plate off as well and clean inside? Any advice appreciated.
  7. I have this Alessi one which I enjoy using. It's a better design that the screw in variety.
  8. Is there a correct height of the tamper in a compressed basket of grinds that one should aim for? I have noticed that if I dose too much coffee it's difficult to get the portafilter to swing into position. So I was wondering if the sloped edge of the tamper should end up around same height as the top of the basket?
  9. I got mine from the Gaggia outlet in Castleford. You can also get them online here... https://www.gaggiadirect.com/barista-accessories.html#!/Stainless-Steel-Metal-Drip-Tray-for-Classic/p/65656223/category=19313026
  10. I've found the stainless steel drip tray to be a very worthwhile upgrade, in that it transforms the look of the machine whilst allowing more space for taller cups and shot glasses. I can thoroughly recommend this to anyone who is considering it.
  11. Superb! I've just upgraded to a Mignon from a Gaggia MDF. There is no comparison, I love it. What machine did you upgrade from to the Crem?
  12. I like Ethiopian medium roast if this helps. Thanks.
  13. 2019 Gaggia Classic Pro paired with an Eurika Mignon Especialita.
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