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  1. Hi all, I am quite new to the forum, but thought to ask for a couple of tips as there is lots of knowledge between all the users ! I am originally from Italy and my family sells coffee (import, roasts and sells beans) and I want to start to sell them in the UK as every time I bring some to friends here they love it and say I should try and sell it! So I am giving it a go! I tried to do some research but could not find specific answers, do you know if I would need any special permit or licenses to: - Sell roasted coffee beans online? - Sell roasted coffee beans in shops? I am not sure if you need a "food" license or not and the best I could find was "ask your local authority" but they are not responding. I read everything around "Brexit" and for now they say no changes to importing good from Europe until the end of the transition period. Any help would be really appreciated !
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