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  1. Probably best to just stick to the regulated stuff lol.
  2. Yes definitely guys, wasn’t looking to make a mass profit if I’m honest just a Niche I guess, was only planning on charging 50p as an option for people who would like their drink CBD infused. thanks guys
  3. As far as I’m aware the government flat out refused to invest a single penny into vape testing, but are investing millions into CBD testing and only last week made it available on prescription for certain illnesses. CBD is the fasted growing wellbeing product in the uk and will worth an estimated 1 billion by 2025. but I get your point totally and thank you for your time and advice I really appreciate it.
  4. Thank you very much, I’m learning every day as much as I can, I will be attending a barista course too, just trying to build as much knowledge as I can so that when I attend the course I can absorb that little bit more. thank you very much mate johnny
  5. Oh really, thank you, appreciate the help
  6. Yes yes I get that! but my point is if I’m selling a standard coffee, then that’s single shot? And if the person wants a double shot then no problem but there’s an extra say 40p charge as a apposed to a standard coffee which is a single shot? or do you do a double shot as standard? I'm new to this so bare with me lol
  7. Hi guys, quick question, for cappuccino, flat white etc how many grams of quality ground coffee would you use? the coffee company I’m in talks with say they recommend 19grams of quality ground coffee beans per drink, but suggested I could use single shot which is 7.5grams, or a double shot that’s 15 grams or for best taste to use 19grams per coffee? seems a vast difference in profit from 7.5 grams per coffee to 19 grams! That’s almost treble the difference. what would you guys suggest? obviously I’m going to experiment with all 3 but just seeing what you experienced guys think? thank you Johnny
  8. Perfect thank you very much, appreciate it. johnny
  9. Thank you guys, appreciate your advice, I think my perception was it’s still relatively new and if I could hit the market with it first then will generate regular custom before it becomes the norm, but your right I should wait until maybe it is more widespread and accepted and the maybe reconsider but up until that point just concentrate on producing quality coffee. thanks guys johnny
  10. To be honest I never looked at that way but yes your very right in what your saying mate, pays to see things from other perspectives sometimes, I’m knocking that idea on the head. thanks mate johnny
  11. Hi guys, I’m opening a mobile coffee van, if I was to sell only one size hot drink would you say 12oz would be a good disposable cup size? thanks Johnny
  12. I live in a town in South Wales called Caerphilly, where I live has recently opened a CBD Cafe, it’s doing remarkably well. I’m in the process of opening my own mobile coffee van, selling the usual variations of coffee, flavoured hot chocolate, tea! im in talks with a CBD company who is going to be mixing CBD oil with hemp seed oil so that it can be added to hot drinks so whichever drink it’s added to is then infused with CBD oil, ie CBD infused orange hot chocolate. I've done extensive research into CBD oil and it’s medical benefits for physical as well as mental health conditions, as have the NHS hence why Canibaddol the biggest CBD oil supplier is often out of stock due to hefty NHS orders I’ve had talks with cannibadol and it’s perfectly legal to sell as food supplement, but not as a medical aid.... I guess anyone that’s going to be interested in infused CBD hot drinks will know the medical benefits already.. my question is do you think this is something could work on my mobile coffee van? I have an excellent pitch right next to a busy train station and a 200 car park and ride for commuters into Cardiff. Also close to 2 bus stops and the main road leading to a very busy A road leading into Cardiff. just looking for opinions, I’m going through with it anyway and will update here accordingly and perhaps if it works it’s something people on here may consider. thanks johnny
  13. @coffeebean is actually doing the conversion, didn’t realise they did the beans too, I’ve been in talks with fountain rock coffee, bit pricier but by all accounts very good coffee. thanks Jon
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