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  1. Should have said - a friend in Italy who is a barista mentioned Quamar as being worth a look too?
  2. It's just for home use. I prefer flat to conical if I'm honest which is why I discounted the Niche Martin
  3. Hi all Wondering if anyone could offer grinder advice. I'm currently looking for something likely up to around the £500-600 range. The one's I'm currently looking at are: Mazzer Mini Mazzer Super Jolly Eureka Zenith 65 Ceado E6X I think I'd prefer one with a doser which all of these have. But I'm a bit stuck as to what one to go for (or whether to consider any others) All advice helpful Thanks Martin
  4. Thanks Junglebert I like the look of the ECM's and reviews seem good - I suppose I'm just trying to work out the essentials I need for the types of coffee I do to know whether to stretch for dual boiler etc or not
  5. Ha ha apologies - didn't mean to ruffle feathers! Just meant going for classic Italian bar experience rather than UK Coffee Shop experience.
  6. Thanks Dave - really appreciate your insight and understand what you were meaning about PID a lot more now. The ECM synchronika had been the one I was leaning towards as it seems to have just about everything you could want and avoid need for future upgrading too quickly?
  7. Hi Guys Thanks for all the answers so far. So I'm not hugely further forward in what is right for me, machine wise. I did have it pretty much down to ECM (although the Vesuvius offer was tempting). I've now seen the Lelit range and also the Cime range - are these viable alternatives to the ECM? I'm also trying to work out if, for what I'm using it for - around 5 coffees a day, mix of milk and black drinks, using Italian beans, it's really worth getting a dual boiler or PID? I notice on the Lelit forum on an old post about Lelit Mara, Dave says that the PID isn't worth it on this machine. Happy to take thoughts/advice Martin
  8. Yeah I understand I might not use all the features of the Vesuvius at the moment but it also seems odd to spend more on the ecm if the Vesuvius is the better machine and available at a great price just now? thanks
  9. Sorry to confuse matters more but if I’m consudering the ECM machine at roughly 2k, would I better with one of the Vesuvius mentioned on the selling board? thanks martin
  10. OK well I'm guessing the espresso machine itself I'm looking at will be around £2k. I was thinking maybe £500 ish for the grinder? Happy to be led otherwise though. What I would say is that I'm looking for a quality, Italian cafe experience in my home - not so much the Hipster UK cafe experience of a different bean every week type thing and playing with the most minute details of coffee. I get my coffee from a tiny cafe in Lucca, Italy who roast their own blend and they send me it over - so I'm using the one variety of coffee all the time. Thanks Martin
  11. Ah ok - what grinder would you recommend? I'm relatively flexible on budget without going mental
  12. Thanks for replies I do have hard water - I currently use bottled water for my current machine so no change likely I need to get a grinder too - was thinking Mignon or possibly an ECM one? Martin
  13. Hello. Just to update this - having looked a bit closer into BE - while obviously a good machine at a good price point, it's not really what I'm after. I've decided to go significantly up in budget to get one that will last me a good bit longer and be more what I have dreamed of which is more of a traditional Italian cafe style machine - currently considering the ECM Synchronika. Anyone have any thoughts on that? Thanks Martin
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