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  1. Are you sure about “31rd”? I am not an English native speaker so I might be wrong...
  2. Johey

    Lelit Bianca

    I had always 18 in, 36-40 out. Shot times between 25 and 40 (depending on grind size). it was always extremely sour. Only with quite fine grind and long extraction time it went into bitterness. But I never managed to hit the spot in between. Also sometimes noticeable variation in time (to get the 18/36) with same grind size. As I said, I am new in that business so very likely that it’s just my skills...
  3. Johey

    Lelit Bianca

    Have you tried the El Muro with the Bianca? Can you recommend a profile? ... I still have half a kilo of beans left...
  4. Johey

    Lelit Bianca

    No real profiles. Just the pre-infusion from the machine. As I am still in the very early phase of my espresso learning I felt overstrained with trying different pressure profiles... So I also learned that there are "easier" and "more complicated" beans. Lucky that the "Development House Coffee" beans are on the easier side.
  5. Johey

    Lelit Bianca

    The last couple of days I played around with the Craft House Coffee - Colombia El Muro. I didn't get any pleasant result... Two days ago I changed to the CHC "Development - House Espresso". I got great tasting Espresso! But now my question: I have the 18g VST basket and with the "Development - House Espresso" the basket is quite full (with 18g espresso in). Today I checked with a 20p coin and it gets pressed in to the powder by the shower screen. With the "El Muro" the powder was around 1mm deeper in the basket (same tamping force and more or less grind size). Is it critical when the powder touches the shower screen? What options do I have: I think only reducing the amount of coffee in the basket?
  6. Hi, do you still have blue flat whites and black espresso? If yes, I would like to take a set of each.
  7. You can check the Hoffmann recipe. He explains it for a 30/500 brew. I use it regularly and it’s ok for me.
  8. But then they will have to deal with all the e-commerce consumer rights, warranty, liability, conformity (CE), 14 days return,... The price would definitely go up. On the other hand it would be just fair to all the other manufacturers & grinders it is compared with. Not sure what’s my option that. Other then being happy that I got a great grinder for a reasonable price...
  9. Johey

    Lelit Bianca

    I just bought my Bianca from BB today. Great guys there! @DavecUK in another thread you wrote „If you are buying from BB in the UK I did quite a good guide for them in addition to the manufacturers instructions....will answer most of your questions“ Does this mean that there is an additional instruction which should have been given to me from BB? I didn’t ask but when I unpacked the machine there was only the original manual from Lelit. Would it be possible for you to send me those instructions? I could also pm you a copy of the invoice from BB if necessary. I also read somewhere about some adjustments you proposed for the PID Settings. Where can I find those? Thanks
  10. Ah ok. So no one should be worried about that... and as I said I can recommend the scale.
  11. Ireland is an EU member though? Or does those rules not apply to Ireland?
  12. I can recommend that scale. Use it every day for V60 brews. Just wonder why they say “All Sales are final. No refunds, exchanges or returns”? Not sure if that is even legal...
  13. Johey

    Black Friday

    Of the code is also applicable to the Aeropress, V60 Decanter etc. it would be a chance for a great bargain...
  14. OK. Thought it might be good already because date of roast was 18th Nov. What would you recommend? Another 1-2 weeks?
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