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  1. This technology already exists since many decades. First introduced in Motorsport (leaving aircraft engines aside) such as Formula 1 or Group B Rally cars in the 80s. I think Saab was the first OEM to introduce it for road legal mass production cars (~ 90s). Couple of years ago BMW introduced it in one of their M variants. It's especially beneficial for turbo charged engines. Main target is to reduce the intake air temperature (increase density -> more Oxygen) and the combustion peak temperature (reduce knock events --> higher thermal efficiency) and the max exhaust temperature (component protection of the turbo charger). With water injection you can reduce the fuel enrichment (for cooling reasons) and thus increase the fuel economy (thermal efficiency) or increase the peak power (pushing further the knock limit). I don't think that the oxygen is released and takes part in the combustion... But I am not aware of any retrofit solutions for road legal cars (significant impact on emissions etc --> new Homologation needed). Of course, for race track only purposes you can do what ever you want to.
  2. Thanks for letting me know. My colleague already told me when he received the email from BB on Friday. Will definitely go there but might be very crowded... Will also check that the machine I am looking for is there and ready to be taken with me.
  3. I just wonder for how long they will continue only selling it via Indiegogo. Can you do it forever or are there any rules to when you have to found a company and sell on you own or through retailers? i have one and didn’t mind buying it through Indiegogo but just wonder about the business model...
  4. I am going to buy it from BB - just sent them an email because it seems to be out of stock at the moment. Also watched your reviews on YT. I understood how to use it with pressure profiling but it must also be possible to set the paddle to a position with a similar flow rate as any “standard” machines. Just wonder how to find this position. If I cannot use this machine with a fixed paddle position and getting the same result as with any other machine I think it‘s not the right one for me. Playing around with the pressure profiling might be interesting in the future but at the beginning I would like to use it like a standard machine until I get acceptable results.
  5. Sorry to ask - I don't want to interrupt this thread with another topic - but what do you mean with the "insufficient flow problem"? I am just about to by a Lelit Bianca and as I am complete Espresso Newbie I thought at the beginning I could just put the paddle to the far right (and adjust the max pressure to 9bar) and use the machine like any other E61 machine or maybe adjust the Paddle to a position with will result in 9bar (and leave the max pressure of the machine at 10 or 11). Will this cause any problems?
  6. Johey

    LM Linea Mini

    Hi, would be interested. Do you have the invoice and the original packaging?
  7. I really like it. Perfect build quality, nice look... So far I only use it for V60 coffee and I am absolutely happy with the results. Not yet tested with an espresso machine but this is due to come soon...
  8. I am in a similar situation but without having 12 years of coffee experience. So I am a complete Newbie. Here my thoughts and where I am so far: Based on everything I read and got from discussions with other coffee nerds the Grinder is (much) more important than the machine. As I want to be able to switch between espresso and pour over coffee I bought a Niche. Concerning the machine I learned that temperature stability is (very) important therefore I will go for a dual boiler. Budget for the machine is around 2k. This leaves me with the following options: ACS Minima, Profitec Pro300, Profitec Pro600, Lelit Bianca & Vesuvius (forum offer). The reason why I don't consider e.g. Pro700, ECMs, etc is the fact that (in my opinion) they don't offer more value than the Bianca and the Bianca is at 1850. Basically there are now two decision criteria: 1. design, do I like the look of the machine (I think it's important because I will see it every day) 2. VP vs. RP, regarding funcionality or "end result in the cup" I don't think there is a difference so it's only about the noise Honestly, I don't like the look of the ACS Minima and the Pro300. So I only have to choose between Pro600 and Bianca. And for me the main difference is VP vs RP. I don't consider the pressure profiling capability because I guess I won't use it for the next couple of years. If you don't want to use the pressure profiling the only reason to buy the Vesuvius would be the great offer. But I do not like the look of the machine. So it is very likely that I will buy the Bianca.
  9. Also someone asked 12 days ago to get some pictures of the scratches. So far no reply...strange... I also thought about the offer for the Vesuvius but as already written, it's just a different thing compared to the Bianca.
  10. It's just a pity that they don't open Saturdays... would be perfect...
  11. Got this one 11 years ago, first watch from NOMOS with an in-house movement:
  12. "Land of Mine", watched it on Amazon Prime. Not easy to digest, but great movie.
  13. Around 3 month... Started now intensive trails with pour over but towards Christmas there will be an Espresso Machine. Just bought the Niche Zero 3 weeks ago...
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