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  1. I have the Coffee Sensor E61. I had a couple of questions on it and Tudor (coffee-sensor.com) was very helpful. I'm finding it useful, especially when the Mara has been on for some time and I'm bringing the temp down. It is a nice to have.
  2. A couple of months into this now and I find both the Mara and Niche Zero an excellent combination and am pleased I bought them. I did end up adding a thermometer to the Mara to give a bit more info on what temp I am brewing at. The Niche is excellent for single dosing. I also bought from BB but I don't think they are doing the additional manual now.
  3. Hi, dropping by to say Hi. I have recently bought a Mara PL62D paired with a Niche Zero. I'm just getting to grips with the espresso making process and maintenance and so far am enjoying the experience. It has been a few years since I had a Gaggia Classic, so this is my first experience with HX machines. I am just starting to understand a bit more about Temperature and Flushes. I'm tending to do a short flush just prior to a brew and would would welcome any advice on how / when to flush. My typical morning use is 30min warmup, flush, double espresso, machine remains on for 2 hours and and is used twice more in that period. My understanding is that these flushes are to drop the temparature at the group head? Any general advice welcome, and any add ons such as thermometers recommended at this stage? Thanks Andrew
  4. An improvement going 1:2.5 however I did get hung up with it being produced in 30s so slightly reduced the grind. I discounted a finer grind as I thought it would lead to a long extraction time. I seem to have fallen into a trap of extraction time dominating my thinking. Rather than play with too many variables at this point, I really think I need to restart by going through the newbie notes and videos on here and BH and make sure I nail the basics this time around before I can run.
  5. Thanks for the info. Yes, I just checked some youtube videos and saw one of the Cafes with the lever machines in action. I think I was seduced as much by the surroundings and the 1Euro cost as much as the quality! Thanks Fez. I've just about got a grip on the things I control and will start to play a bit as you say and focus on taste.
  6. Hi, Just dropping in as I am just stepping back into the coffee world. I previously had an unmodified Gaggia Classic about 15 years ago. I treated it badly and my coffee education was limited and this foray died a death about 10 years ago. Limescale, rust, and neglect saw off most components of the Gaggia. This bad man stored his machine in such a way that 50% of bolts needed drilling out. A recent trip to Naples restored my desire to make Espresso and I've been reading up and confusing myself. Before I used to grind x tablespoons of beans and output y volume of espresso (by eye). It was never great drunk as espresso but got by in the long black or as a cappuccino. Now I am starting again, I am understanding I should be dosing with x grammes of beans, to produce y grammes of espresson in z seconds of time. I have a new machine / grinder and have been practising using 18g coffee beans, producing 36g espresso in 30 seconds (it took a while 'dialling' this in). I'm not that enamoured by the espresso so far. I have very little sense of smell, and poor taste buds but coffee is one of the few things I enjoy. The shots so far are a little sour to my knackered pallet. What I'd be interested in is attempting to replicate the typical espresso's I was drinking in Naples from grand coffee houses such as Gambrinus, to the back street Kimbo seller. If anyone can give me some starters, then I'm interested in bean types / brands to try, dose rate, brew ratio etc for the typical italian espresso . My set up is Niche Grinder, Lelit Mara, Naked Portofilter to get my distribution / tamping nailed and have currently been using Bella Barista Roastery Furnace & Flue (which I liked), and currently Milk Buster which is the one I'm finding a bit sour So thats pretty much where I am starting this second dip in the water. Good weekend all. Andrew
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