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  1. Hey Rebel, Is it this the 8mm one for the Gaggia Classic 2019? https://www.cafelatstore.com/products/silicone-group-gaskets I read some places, they mention 8.5mm for the pre2015 gaggia (pre2015 should be the same as the 2019 one?) Also, by leveler you mean those short circular coffee distributor right? Is there a need for a tamper if i used the leveler/distributor only? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey guys! I’m using a Gaggia Classic 2019. Just bought a VST 18g ridgeless with the original Gaggia Classic 2019 Portafilter. two things I noticed 1) the portafilter will lock in at 6pm max before it gets really tight and hard to turn in. The original GC2019 double basket (16g) , I managed to turn it until 4pm. 2) the puck looks abit weird with the in-depth rim. Is it because I’m using a 58mm tamper instead of a 58.35mm? 3) does it look like the grounds are touching the shower screen? thanks in advance!
  3. Hi! How do you know how much to open or close the tap to simulate the flow?
  4. Hey guys! i just build myself a pressure gauge for my new Gaggia Classic Pro 2019 quick question, I followed some design and there’s an outlet. I have the double filter inserted into the portafilter. When I turn on the outlet of the pressure gauge (red lever), I can’t seem to get any pressure whilst I see others getting an accurate pressure reading with the outlet turned on. When I turned off the outlet, the pressure builds to 15Bar and starts to leak all over the group head. any suggestions on how I can use it?
  5. Hmm! Are there a lot of diff between the 57mm and 58mm in terms of flavors? Lelit looks quite interesting. I heard the PL41TEM’s temp is not that stable? I’m actually upgrading from my GC2015 without PID. So for GCP2019, I could use MrShades PID.
  6. Hey guys! I'm looking to purchase a Gaggia Classic Pro 2019 + MrShadesPID + Adjustable OPV (or I may just cut). Are there any other coffee machines that are comparable to the Gaggia Classic+PID+OPV cost that I should consider? Slightly higher is fine too. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hmm! I’m actually on quite a tight budget... looking at the GC2019 or MAX RS2020. What do you think abt the Lelit PL42TEM that has a PID and Pressure Guage?
  8. Hey guys! I'm considering between a brand new espresso machine- Gaggia Classic Pro 2019 OR Rancilio Silvia V6 2020 Any significant benefits to take a Rancilio Silvia? I've always been a Gaggia Classic 2015 user. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hey guys! Would an 18g Ridge VST basket fit the 2015 stock Gaggia Classic spouted portafilter? Will it significantly make any difference in flavor and taste compared to the standard basket? Thank you!
  10. Hey guys! im looking at these 3 grinders which are about the same 1) Eureka Mignon Manuale (the new manual version) 2) Macap M2M 3) Compak K3 any recommendations? Thank you!
  11. Hmm! Haha okay I’ll work the grinder. Looking at an eureka manuale now. Will it make a lot of diff to change from the GC 2015 to 2019 model?
  12. Just curious... When we say.... ——— does 15g output weight 30g in 30s ——— Because I’m doing a double shot, so I need to have two shot glasses to take the flow from each spout of the portafilter. Should each glass be 30g output? (Ie. total output for 30g ground is 60g espresso) or does it mean, both spouts flow into 1 cup, and the total output from both spouts should be 30g from 15g grounds? thank you!
  13. I feel I can’t get the consistency with the 2015 Gaggia Classic, especially now that I’ve started weighing it. Just thinking of getting a 2019 Gaggia classic and a PID. I know I can get a pre 2015, but I really don’t know the condition. So I thought a new 2019 Gaggia classic would be safer.
  14. Hi all! I'm currently using a Gaggia Classic 2015 with a Gaggia MDF Grinder. I’m looking to upgrade to something about Gaggia Classic price range or slightly higher? I’m also looking to get the Eureka Mignon Instanteneo (Mk2). Need your help to recommend a good coffee machine? Or should I just get Gaggia Classic Pro 2019?
  15. One question, will the PTFE Tape breakdown and get into the grinds on the longer term?
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