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  1. Do they do the job? And are they as good as sage branded ones?
  2. Thanks will try that out
  3. I am new to espresso making and have been pulling Mark 11 espresso shots for 3 weeks now. Niche set at 20 and putting 19gms inthe portafilter for c. 40gms out in 25-30 seconds. I am finding it acidic but otherwise nice. How can I improve?
  4. I'll take it (or rather take a chance on it). Waitrose is quite far from where I live
  5. Lets keep this thread going please. Kindly post your method if possible.
  6. Agreed. We should find a way to press the coffee like newspaper logs
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/mommyjen365.wordpress.com/2014/02/21/diy-coffee-starter-kits-or-logs/amp/
  8. I was in waitrose buying still water when I noticed that they are sell Bio Bean coffee logs. I understand that these are made of coffee grounds and wax. Has anyone looked into making their own?
  9. Is there any possibility of getting rid of all the water in the SDB (to store it away for some time during holidays abroad)
  10. Wouldn't hold my breath. They emailed me last week saying they can even confirm shipping before year end.
  11. I have started pulling shots a few weeks and am looking to acquaint with more experienced enthusiast living in Cardiff or the Vale to try my coffee and hopefully give some feedback. Standard SDB setup paired with a Niche.
  12. Posted Tuesday at 15:13 (edited) Sorry but I think that my point is being lost somehow... I am questioning the value of £1000+ spent on SDB. It may have been good value when it came out 8 or 9 years ago, but it is difficult to justify this ask and the hefty out of warrant maintenance schedule (no parts available for us to buy) today in light of other options there are in the market. That's it. I fully expect that the thermojet currently available on the Barista Pro to make its way to the reasonably priced Dual Jet Pro when it is being replaced. That will make the case for the SDB at 4 to 5 times the cost even less convincing. No white glove service however glossy it is will make up for this! Edited Tuesday at 15:14 by Tony fonda Far from abandoning the DB - but still questioning its value! The Robot would suit me better than the Flair I think.... But I can't justify having more gear really. I am a minimalist at heart, and not a collector. But I know what I will be buying if/when the DB dies on me. "you’ve earned your badge to start collecting coffee gear & apparatus" What badges are there to collect?
  13. So what's the consensus on the 11? Richard tells me the 12 is due out any day now...
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