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  1. Hi Everybody Thank you for coming back to me. We are based in South Yorkshire. Rgds Lap
  2. Hi Everybody Honestly I'm doing the research and trying to get up to speed with everything to the learn the Coffee shop equivalent of 'The Knowledge', but I just wondered if somebody could give us a few pointers. The background is I work in IT, my wife is a primary school teacher and our children are starting to shout 'Stranger Danger' when they occasionally see us, so we want to change our life path. We're fully aware that running a mobile coffee shop probably won't make us millionaires and it will be a lot of hard work, but our mindset is that at least we'll be doing the hours and hard work together rather than apart. With this, we have formulated a plan... We have access to a piece of land near where we live and it looks like the council will allow us to temporarily use it for 'x' amount of days in the year. We've bought a converted horsebox that has 2 fridges, sink and electric points. To start with we planned to do teas/coffees/cakes/juices until we find our feet, but we want to provide a solid product from the outset so that we don't scare them away straight away This is where it might go a bit sci-fi-ie :), I'm envisaging that we might be able to run an electric cable from an outside plug at our house up to the horse box and power it that way. I'm going to get an electrician to verify the possibility of this, but we want this to work as we want to create a kind of serene place for people to sit and eat/drink and I think we'll lose that if we have a generator banging away. My question to this lovely forum is what is the best and most cost effective coffee machine we can use for this set up? We want to provide the barista touch but we aren't made of money. I thought the manual ones would be more cost effective with a learning curve but these don't seem to offer a water tank and low-ish watts option. The bean to cup options seem big, not as authentic results and more expensive so I'm stuck. I though the Sage Barista Touch would be a viable option due to it's compactness, tank, electric use and quality output, but it doesn't seem like this can handle more than one or two cups a day (!?!?!). I'd love it if our idea was a success and we had loads of people coming, but I have no idea if they will come in droves - but I also don't want to splash out on a 2 - 5 cup a day machine and we get 50 people coming! Any pointers you can give would be very much appreciated. Rgds Lap
  3. Hi All I know this will sound like a real newbie question, but would a Sage Barista Touch be OK to use for a pop-up coffee startup? I think what I'm trying to say is could it handle 20-30 cups a day? (I'm making that figure up as we haven't started our pop-up yet and have no idea if we'd get this many people in a day!!) Thanks Lap
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