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  1. Londinium R digital pre-infusion model November 2019 ('R' denotes the Londinium is fitted with a rotary pump) Price £2,200 Will accept payment via bank transfer or PayPal. My Londinium R is in excellent condition after gentle domestic use. Some usual wear on drip tray otherwise unmarked. My Londinium R is fitted with the digital pre-infusion transducer. Using the dedicated Londinium mobile app (see pic below) you can adjust pre-infusion pressure up to 6 bar so you can optimise pre-infusion pressure to suit whatever type of roast you prefer. Below is a video showing install
  2. I find my coffee production is like any of my hobbies, it has troughs and peaks of enthusiasm as the mood or any number of reasons might make me change my behaviour. At the beginning there is a rush of excitement to pursue the subject to its limit, then a winding down with experience to a more settled pattern. There is some stress to following rigid patterns of action, so I allow some complacency, and don’t feel any remorse when I go through a phase of winging it!
  3. I’ve had one for a while, stopped using it when it lost itself in the back of a drawer. Rediscovered and now using it again. not sure if I really need it, but it but it feels good!
  4. Thanks for your helpful considerations. 1:2 coffee/water is only a suggested starting point. It is useful to have some idea of timing so that it can be a fixed parameter so that one variable can be adjusted at a time. As long as the timing has the same starting point, with or without pi, ref OP, then as you say, taste is king.
  5. Can you expand on that...if a roaster recommends a brew ratio and time say 28-32 secs for 2:1, you’d presumably have to be somewhere in that ball park and then play with the grind as a variable.
  6. Run out of beans last night but postie just now comes to the rescue.
  7. NigelO

    Alex duetto iv plus

    Now sold! A good experience on the forum? Thanks.
  8. NigelO

    Alex duetto iv plus

    You’re welcome to see it and I’m around, just let me know. All good.you have PM
  9. NigelO

    Alex duetto iv plus

    You’re welcome to see it and I’m around, just let me know.
  10. NigelO

    Alex duetto iv plus

    No, so I looked it up, it has positive reviews. It’s behind the kitchen shop, and I’ve walked past it loads without much thought! Will have to give it a go. Thanks (presuming you’re recommending it?)
  11. NigelO

    Alex duetto iv plus

    I’m near Wadebridge, nowhere is far in Cornwall in the winter!
  12. NigelO

    Alex duetto iv plus

    I’m in Cornwall...
  13. NigelO

    Alex duetto iv plus

    Hope these help. BB do a warranty transfer form so it will be covered till March 21.
  14. I’m selling my Izzo duetto as I have now acquired a Londinium R and Alex is surplus to requirements. New this year from Bella Barista, excellent condition, all paperwork and accessories. Price £1350 not incl any transport costs. PayPal preferred.
  15. I don’t know which is the best grinder, yet... I’m working away with my old rocky and new LR until the Monolith arrives, then I might have the answer? Mount Zion sounds good will pop down.
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