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  1. Thanks @Rumpelstiltskin @CoffeePhilE, much appreciated. Looking forward to being part of the forum and contributing where I can. Thanks @Missy, I'll have a few different bags on order this evening from CC. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes once I've experienced them. Thanks @InfamousTuba, The best types of beans so far although not giving the same flavour profile as mentioned, have been the darker roasts that have a rich and deep caramel flavour. This is likely because they punch through the milk better and the flavours match well with milk. I haven't yet found one that
  2. Over a year and not even a hello or welcome 🥺 Sorry to those who consider Costa to be a sub-par coffee, it just happens to work for me in a milky latte with monin caramel syrup (never had it any other way). For me I pick out the taste notes of caramel and nuttiness with a lasting but pleasant flavour on the tongue. I've easily spent over £5000 on beans from all over the web and on my travels, via independent and specialty roasters. A lot of them are nice and have their own characteristics that I like, but don't quite reach the same satisfaction level that would have made me continue
  3. Hi, Does anyone have access to a technical manual for this machine that they would be kind enough to send me? On top of that does anyone have any wisdom they can impart, so i can ensure the machine is in the right ball park where temperatures are concerned and I'm not mis-setting by 10 deg as this video suggests? Thanks.
  4. Hello Coffee Lovers, New to this forum but looking forward to getting involved in the community. To get started I have an Astoria Valina (Plus4You) 2 Group machine, which I've had for a number of years. Serviced every year and plumbed into a water feed with a Brita Professional C50 Fresh water filter changed regularly. That coupled with a Mazzer Major Commercial Grinder. I like all types of coffee but my real go to is latte. Whole milk with a touch of caramel syrup, the arteries love it! I try many different brands of coffee from mainstream to independents and they are ok
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