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  1. UPDATE: Thanks for the input guys. Very helpful and grateful for the info.. I am still waiting for the burrs to arrive and am heading away - so i'll update early in the year. In the meantime I have found some better/fresher beans locally and there has been improvements. I will also test the pressure when I get the chance. Thanks again
  2. Thank You! Couldn't agree more.. This is why I purchased both these machines. You are absolutely right about them being unforgiving though. This is where most my frustration is coming from. So many variables to get things right. I have ordered some new Burs for the Rocky and a flat screw shower screen for the Silvia. This - along with fresher/better beans should start showing improvements. The PID from meCoffee should step it up a notch too ..thoughts? Thanks
  3. Thanks guys. . So I took the Rocky apart this afternoon and cleaned it all out. Removed the burs and cleaned them too. Unfortunately I did all this before seeing the comment regarding Greasing it.. I did have a moment before putting it back together where i thought that would be a good idea.. oh well. I re-calibrated it also.. Tested another shot and there was a slight improvement. Was able to pour for almost 20 secs and got a small amount of creama on top this time too. Is everyone advising against the idea that it could also be a pressure adjustment change that could help?
  4. Thank you.. This was my next thought as well. It is second hand - yes.. But seems in great condition. I will try this and report back. Also, you see and hear of lots of folk over the years having great success with these two machines. For those of us on some kind of budget - anyways..
  5. UPDATE: I have just gone and picked up some "fresher" beans from local cafe. They gave me a sample to test - very kind of them. I then went and did the full routine of a 30 minute machine warm up. Followed by a water flush till the light came back on. (for temperature surfacing) Then waited 30 seconds before pulling the shot. In the meantime I had the new fresher beans grinding on the finest setting and used 8g's in a single basket. Tampered firmly and cleaned off the edges. Went for the poor and had exactly the same results as previous attempts.
  6. Again.. Apologies for the post above. Clearly we are frustrated at what we are experiencing after what we have invested into it.. Anyone would be. Appreciating all the input. Thank you
  7. Thanks guys! We're in Italy actually.. Just moved down. There is a decent cafe near by - I could ask for fresher beans from them. BUT.. (time for a wee rant) ..seems like a of a lot of effort (time+money etc) to scrape out a good coffee from an expensive machine..no? It's like once you start..you are dragged into another expense.. then another.. then another. We assumed investing in a good machine would eliminate this. Please excuse our ignorance.. we are new to this level of home brewing but are kind of being put off a little. - like we have fallen for some posh fad..that drains your wallet. Sorry.. hopefully you can understand our frustration here. RANT OVER We will try some fresher/better beans asap and report back. In the meantime I'll let the machine warm up
  8. Hi and thanks for input.. We are using average beans from Italy.. No small indi roasters around here.. Purging not really but will try (doubtful its having the kind of impact we are experiences but yeah).. around 16g of coffee in double basket and tampered with correct stainless steel tamper. Hope that helps.. I'm convinced it's the pressure valve needing adjustment but it is a new machine..
  9. Hi guys - wondering if you could help us trouble shoot this machine a little. (Rancilio Silvia E with Rancilio Rocky Grinder.) For we feel there is something significantly wrong with it. For the past 2 weeks (since we received it) we have been trying to get good results. We have been temperature surfacing in all different ways. Grinding down to the lowest finest setting possible and are still experiencing really fast (5 seconds) flows and virtually zero creama. Obviously there is something not right. I have not touched anything else in or on the machine as yet.. Any suggestions on for what to do next? Thanks
  10. Shit, just saw this and just purchased one along with the double. Bad move? Should I not use?
  11. Great - thanks ajohn. So that one is tried and tested with the Silvia?
  12. Thanks again for input guys. It does have the Silvia listed as a compatible machine. As seen in screenshot below. Trust it?
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