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  1. matted

    Brave Browser

    Yes. It is v good browser. Earn BAT tokens also for selected ads and grants to donate to accepting sites.
  2. 1. Dalerst 2. Cooffe 3. Dunk 4. ratty 5. EricC 6. fatboyslim 7.cjonny 8.AmandaH 9. Phil104 10. matted
  3. matted


    My brother. Remote from us. Has been down with CV19 for 10 days now in a foreign nation. Not insignificant. Not an easy ride at all. Bat shit loxc down here in full effect. Fcuk anyone making light or playing politics with the situation can eat huge dicks. As a key worker we are soldering on regardless...
  4. have placed an order for some more from these folk that I thought might be worth a punt - some small discount of a quid off following my order from last time - they operate a points system for discounts on future orders Colombia Delos Andes DR Congo (Rebuild Women's Hope) Resolution Swiss Water Decaf Espresso
  5. i think i am wrong now. 😀 prob too early for the Ethiopian harvest, so I think I am going to guess Columbia or Bolivia. I am siding with Bolivia as Hasbean very passionate and pumped about Bolivian beans of recent.
  6. tried in a big V60 right now - yum! 😎 big beast of a bean, very light in colour and has a orange tinge when ground. reminds me of an Ana Sora natural. Loads of deep stone fruit sweetness and body. I would guess Ethiopia Natural at this stage.
  7. matted

    Coronavirus humour

    Unfortunatley it is this goes right to the top i.e. Boris. There is a worrying lack of transparency about the virus and medical advice he is receiving and decisions he is taking. The advice is interpreted by cummings and boris from which a political calculation is performed before deciding what and how far they decide to go.
  8. looks good in many ways, but does not look bigger than feld or aergrind in terms of burr size - would be great to be proven wrong
  9. Rave coffee James gourmet coffee Hasbean Craft house coffee Have been personal faves of recent. But no coffee is the same to others. Specific bean recs from other forum members i have tried have been largely successful, however some i found not so great. But that has been ok, helped me learn what i dont like too. Alternatively how about a dog and hat subscription? Something different every month in varying quantities to suit your prefs https://dogandhat.co.uk/
  10. Paid. Many thanks. Awesome value.
  11. Enjoyed a few 15 min brews over last few days 🤘 Much deeper and fuller mug of coffee.
  12. Approx 48 hours, sliding scale though according to CMO.
  13. A cocktail of paracetamol and ibuprofen made a decent difference. Agree plenty of water, crackers and simple foods. None of our stocked booze would get tapped as on high alert for our young kids.
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