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  1. matted


    Was this machine from xsitems?
  2. matted


    ^^^ blimey! 🤣 Heres to hoping a clean will sort it. Assume a descale is also being done.
  3. matted

    Vegan Milk

    Strong sense of deja vu 😀 See previous thread for experiences
  4. matted


    only aeropressed or v60'd these beans - could not bear the thought of wasted espresso shots whilst dialling in. 18grams in an aeropress and V60. with the v60 it was with 300mls water, which I might top up a little sometime if I want a larger cup (into the cup rather than the v60)
  5. on shops and cafes - i was talking to staff in my regular work stop off, they do get lots of bean samples sent to them. pros and cons as I would imagine shops wont get through or sample what they get sent unless it is distinctive somehow. Probably ore easy than cold calling in person, unless that is the in person and passionate pitch stylee you want to make... again they might remember you/the beans you deliver vs another bag of beans in the post. good luck.
  6. you did ask for used sacks. perhaps you could ask Rave where new or very good condition ones could be found?
  7. some of the roasters sell them Rave for example https://ravecoffee.co.uk/products/jute-coffee-sacks?_pos=1&_sid=3f2ec694f&_ss=r&variant=979712521
  8. matted


    there should be more spreading of the water across the showerscreen as mentioned above. see this thread and video for a comparison. recommend taking the screen off and giving it a good clean, descale and flush the machine as well . then retest.
  9. V60 of Guatemala Antigua Finca El Potrero Bourbon, the V60 brings out the plum and dark cherry flavours a lot better than the aeropress. 17g hand ground on the fled2 @ 1.11 and 300ml's water.
  10. @TomHughes where's the action pics? ?
  11. Java jampit first as a chemex then as an espresso. The chemex was good, the espresso was really good. Very smooth. Definately my fave out of the coffee compass roasts i have tried so far.
  12. is it a type of coffee bean?
  13. or just login via your safari browser on your iphone
  14. matted

    Anyone tried this?

    i thought this paper on crema was an informative read. source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3140933/
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