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  1. Fancy finding you on here ?great pour my man ????
  2. Recent work ventures. Definitely improving.
  3. It’s not mine it’s my works! But the owner of my coffee shop has a dice designed around his latte art specifically. I imagine they sent him them as they it of stock online.
  4. Not from my home machine this time but from the coffee shop I work in
  5. Thing is the PF can take like 10 plus seconds and by the time I’ve reached my output say 34g it’s at like 53 seconds and my coffee is so bitter! I pulled an okay shot earlier but still had acidic back notes.
  6. Also my machine has pre infusion (8-10 seconds) normally. Do I take this into my brew time of 28-35 seconds etc? because after the 10 seconds infusion my coffee then only has 18seconds to come out which is very underextracted
  7. I’ll try this tomorrow! I’ve gone through a lot of coffee trying to get it perfect and it’s just frustrating me haha!
  8. Winged tulip and a bad rose ?
  9. Hi there. I have a sage duo temp and sage smart grinder and am struggling to get consistently good shots. I normally go on grind size 9 on my smart grinder. And work from there. I’m dosing 17g to get out 34g in a 1:2 ratio. However when I did this on grind size 9 it was taking 33 seconds to reach this output but the shot tasted bitter. So I decided to go to grind size 10 and go coarser to hopefully get rid of the bitterness but this shot came out in 26 seconds and tasted sour. I’m struggling to get a balanced shot from between just two grind sizes one size is sour the other is bitt
  10. Weird because I’m using a distributor and have a pressured tamper! And as I work in a specialty coffee shop I’m use to tamping 24/7. Just don’t see why my shots are sour even when within the set ratios e.g 17 in 34 out within 28-35 seconds. Strange.
  11. What do you mean put 5p on top? I tried just no putting it in a bit more loosely! I did a 17g shot with 34g out in about 32 seconds I normally cut of the shot at 29g as it drips 5 g or so after it’s been stopped! Shot tasted better but still a bit acidic.
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