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  1. I have a Barista bought 2 months ago I want to sell soon too. It too was bought from JL registered with Sage to extend warranty to 2 years. When I contacted Sage to inquire re warranty transfer they said that warranty is with machine and not the individual who bought it and hence warranty is transferable. Hope this helps. N.
  2. Just wanted to say thank you @catpuccino. Grinder fits really well into my kitchen and I love the consistency it gives me over the built in Sage BE grinder. New coffee machine next! Thanks, Nillle (aka Crathie)
  3. Been lurking for a month or so. I blame it on all of you that I suddenly think spending thousands of £ on coffee gear is a good idea!
  4. Nillle


    Hi forum, Thought I’d introduce myself. New to the forum and new to coffee. I have been a green, white and oolong tea lover for over a decade, never thinking I’d ever start drinking coffee. Realising that matcha just doesn’t have enough caffeine to get me through the day anymore (two children + busy job!), I turned to espresso. I started off with a moka pot and bought a Sage Barista Express shortly after. Used this for a few months with reasonable success but already fancy an upgrade. What I want from my coffee journey? Consistent shots of delicious coffee! I’ve been readi
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