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  1. UPDATE: I've decided to put the car repair on the credit card so I can still buy at £115...
  2. That's absolutely fair enough. My big problem now is that as of yesterday evening I now have to fork out on the wife's car which we just discovered is sagging on one side at the rear - either a shock or spring I guess (which will mean doing both sides). So frustratingly I now have to curb any spending on "me stuff" until next month. Gutted ? To be fair to @xpresso he did get in ahead of me anyway so maybe ferries and M25 permitting you guys can still make the sale work.
  3. I'm looking to start my upgrade journey and could collect either Saturday or one day next week. Train fare for me is £20 though so if you wanted to meet halfway (financially speaking) then that would seal the deal for me! ?
  4. Thanks for the input, that looks very tempting! I understand there are some mods to be made to these for single dose home use, right? That lens cap is one of the mods I believe. I'm an hour from London 20 mins from Tunbridge Wells so I'd have to factor in train fare.
  5. Joined after reading a couple of the excellent advice pieces. Looking to take my home espresso-making skills to a half decent level - need to replace my ancient early 2000s Dualit and equally ancient Cunill Tranquilo for starters!
  6. Hi all, I've had this Cunill Tranquilo (rebranded Quality Espresso) for a few years (wife bought me it off ebay) and it's been fine with my limited skills using what I imagine to be a very inferior coffee machine (Dualit 84009). However, I've finally decided I need to step things up as I want to be able to recreate nice full bodied syrupy espressos that I enjoy when I'm out at any decent independent coffee shop. Definitely going to be replacing the coffee machine obviously, and I think a better grinder might be in order. Does anyone know much about these? Are they junk or should I hang on to it? Got my heart set on a used SJ though really. And yes I know it needs a good clean! ?
  7. Greetings all, Great to have found this forum! I've been using an old Dualit machine (84009 I think it is) for a good few years after inheriting it. It's paired with an old mk1 Cunil Tranquilo grinder that my wife bought me off ebay. The espresso isn't terrible but obviously it's not ever going to get near a 'proper' machine with a nice big portafilter and better internals, so I'm now on the hunt for something much better! Think I should get a better grinder too - does anyone know anything about these grinders? Anyway, looking forward to being an active member! Cheers!
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