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  1. I'm really surprised too, I'm sure there would be at least another 6 people on here looking for one. Think we got very lucky, everything went very quickly and smoothly considering this was the first one! I'd say a lot of that is down to @ratty chasing them down constantly! ? Thanks @ratty?
  2. Mine arrived this morning, looking forward to getting home and setting it up. Did you get sorted @ArisP? Has everyone received theirs now?
  3. That's odd I got an invoice at 3.20, wonder why not everyone received one then. Either way all paid up!
  4. Got mine sorted earlier too
  5. @Deidreyour dog is damn right, some of the sounds that come out of these machines come from the depths of hell! ? I wouldn't have minded too much but I was taking a look at the bottom of the bottomless when it flew out so was very close ? plus the cleanup was a serious pain afterwards ? Was a learning experience I suppose
  6. Thanks for the help guys, think I might just go with the Londinium one after all the looking for another one. I actually bought one that was made to fit an Exobar machine, used it and it came flying out as it didn't fit properly, scared the life out of me! Won't be trying that again!
  7. 1) Ratty 2) ArisP 3) scribblez 4) Soll 5) Sly 6) MinesAbeer Guess that's the lot then @ratty
  8. I contacted Mark this morning to check everything and he confirmed all of the above including that the shipping includes Ireland which is great for me! So count me in. 1) Ratty 2) ArisP 3) scribblez
  9. Bought an old L1 a few months ago and I've been loving it! Was looking to get a bottomless portafilter but I'm not a massive fan of the official one on the website. Does anyone know of somewhere else to get one and if there are portafilter made to fit other machines that would fit the Londinium?
  10. Could you ship to Ireland? I'd be willing to pay asking plus the extra for shipping
  11. Picked up mine today, was quicker than expected, the experiment of getting it to Ireland has gone very well! Thanks to @Nicknak and @Hasi for organising everything so well and all your help, really appreciated. Love the little note Matt, thank you. Prosit Neujahr! Hope that's right ?
  12. All sorted now, can't wait for this! Thanks everyone ?
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