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  1. Thanks for the great breakdown @DavecUK really appreciate it! I had been thinking the price was quite high, especially since I don't need the grinder as I have recently bought a Mazzer Major that I'm putting in some work on. Was looking at the possibility of having a full service done on whatever machine I end up buying as I wouldn't be entirely confident in my abilities in taking apart a machine that I'm not used to, just need to have a proper look around for somewhere nearby that does servicing. Thanks for all the help.
  2. @DavecUK sorry I'm quite new to this wasn't entirely sure what information was needed and I don't have much. This link is pretty much all the info I have. I don't know what water was used but if it was fed from the tap it would be very hard, the water here in the east of Ireland so close to the sea is full of limescale.
  3. I haven't decided yet, one just popped up used near me recently for a decent price and was curious since I don't have many options where I am. I'm looking to upgrade and it looks nice and has the e61 grouphead which I can find a lot of infomation on so I thought it may be a good idea. The seller has said it's 8 years old, hasn't had anything replace but and was serviced once 4 years ago. Not sure if this is normal or not but it definitely makes me hesitant.
  4. Hi guys, I am currently looking at buying a second hand Isomac Millennium but I am not entirely convinced on whether its a good machine or not. I'm struggling to find all the information I was hoping to through my googling so thought I'd try here. So if anyone could help me out with some info such as how to clean it and properly take care of it I would be delighted. I am currently using a Gaggia Classic so this would be quite a change for me, one of the reasons I went for the gaggia was that it is easy to clean and maintain by myself and very easy to find information on. Also is there a big difference between different versions of the Isomac and how would I tell which version is which?
  5. scribblez


    Hello, I'm Peter from Ireland. Bought my first espresso machine almost a year ago now, a 2016 gaggia classic. Quickly upgraded to a 2010 model when I realised how much of a pain it was to clean. I've been using a smart grinder Pro the whole time, just purchased a mazzer major so can't wait to give that a go! Just have to upgrade the machine too now looking at possibly getting a second hand fracino cherub. I've been using a lot of different beans as I got a subscription to an Irish roaster for different beans every month. It's been interesting to try different stuff but I feel it hasn't given me enough time to dial everything in properly so looking forward to settling on one coffee for a while soon.
  6. Been lurking for a few weeks browsing the sales forum and a few others. So much info on here to read it's brilliant! Thought it was about time I joined
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