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  1. Serviced stock machines starting from £250 nowadays. I wouldn't go below £350. Not to mention it's a mirror polished Italian one, in good nick.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone from the UK is interested in testing the beta of the no PID version for pre 2015 models (for those who already have a PID fitted (preferably a MrShades kit)? I'll be able to send one out by the weekend on a very friendly price, I prefer it to get fitted within 2 weeks. The test piece also comes with a dimmer suitable for any pumps and LED lights. Drop me a lead if interested. Thank you
  3. Hi @PACMAN Yes these are still available on eBay. Yes, to set the OPV you'll need the blank basket, as the dynamic pressure would highly depend on grind size and preparation of the puck.
  4. @ratty I like to tighten these up, to reduce the chance of coming loose due to repeatedly undoing the valve. Anti seize paste should do the job well. To me, aesthetics of internal parts isn't a thing really, but obviously that's only me.
  5. I would rather use brass hex fitting there, for the ease of removal (galvanic corrosion + lack of grip of this option) With the hex nut, it could be removed & services, without opening up the machine.
  6. I would definitely recommend it, many people lacking the tools required for this mod. This would make their life much easier, and be honest new valves tend to start leak even sooner than old ones (many people reported leaky valve on new machines even after 1-3 months).
  7. Yes you are 🤣 IMO it's totally safe if you are cleaning it regularly. I'm with you on that. I only realised it as I rebuilt numerous Classic and I tested the steam function on all of those The steam valve is only available as a whole unit. You can either get it refurbed yourself, or I can do that too. Not likely. It could be hidden because normally that silicone hose is filled with water, so you won't notice low flow discharge to the he bottom of the tank. On your videos the tube isn't filled with water, so steam coming through straight away making it more notice
  8. Hi, Thank you for mentioning me here. The steam valve is definitely worn out as others mentioned. Water/steam discharge from the OPV overflow line is normal, as when the boiler is full with cold water and gets heated up to 150°C it could build up pressure of 12-13 bars, due to water expansion, I think every machine should do that as standard. It's worth it to strip the solenoid as you shouldn't have water/steam discharge from the group head, however I wouldn't worry too much about it as it's only minor, and has no negative effect on anything, yet it's definitely not working
  9. Hi everyone, Thanks for the detailed informaitons above. I couldn't happen to find out yet, how the pre infusion is done on this model. Does it stops the pump and opens the 3 way solenoid valve for the soaking cycle? Your help is much appreciated.
  10. I've just had one open. Dimensions of the brass washer: OD 8.825MM the nest is 9.0mm and the inner shoulder is 8.0mm, so it should be somewhere in between them, but preferably closer to 9.0mm ID: 6.5mm however the spindle itself is only 5.75mm, so I can't see a 6.0mm ID would cause any harm. Thickness was 1.25mm on mine, however I filed the top surface slightly (I suppose it was 1.3-1.35mm originally), in order to get it out, but it definitely wasn't 1.57mm (standard washer thickness), and it'll also depends on how much you taken off yours. Anyways you can always fit it in
  11. I'm quite sure the chassis are 1.5 and 1.2mm thought.
  12. Wow, You're going to make someone really lucky. As @ratty said machines wort to refurbish going for £150. I like the idea though to refurbish some to get better understanding. Respectable
  13. If you already have the boiler out, tap it out from the inside with a flat end <10mm rod
  14. Hi, I'm not sure what do you mean? That is almost identical to the Classic's steam valve, with the same crimped end.
  15. I'll measure it as soon as I have 1 at hand.
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