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  1. Ouch. All the best for your dad and thinking of you; another internet hug from me and mine. D
  2. nice, nice nice. looks almost unused. im also interested to hear about the vesalab, especially the retention.....
  3. well my gicleur wasnt too much bigger than the new one (have photo if anyone interested). water debit went from approx 78ml to 63ml - anyone any idea what this might do to the extraction/taste? didnt seem to prevent channelling as that is what i did straight out the bat - tasted bad too! might keep it a while for a proper test. news for brewtus owners replacing is easy and quick: need wrench (top nut), gicleur sized socket and tweezers (if socket not magnetic). have a go.
  4. well hopefully not too long. raining tonight so no wendy housing. fixed brewtus instead, it the group wasnt flesh eating hot id do it now but it isnt going to be cool before bed. just checked my water debit - ave 78ml in 10sec....just my luck it already has a 0.5 ml in there (2nd hand machine), but i fancy a look anyway. dont hold your breath (or pray for rain)
  5. couldnt put mine in last weekend. brewtus is leaking steam from the steam boiler - half built wendy house "must" (not my words) be finished before i fix it. now I have a syphon (but am properly rubbish with it), it is less of an incentive than swmbo thinks ;-)
  6. not until ive tasted coffee made by it!
  7. ps thank you mr shades
  8. ha! gicleur arrived and i thought you meant my real surname! never had anything sent to a forum name before.......virtual world taking over :-)
  9. you should see him in december! i pay strictly by cash only from bonfire night until new year....
  10. ah i am daft wrong quote i have a brewtus and will let you know when it is inserted
  11. when mine arrives ill let you know! thanks mr shades looking forward to it arriving
  12. yes going to remove that tamper too. have you kept the anti static guard? seems to just retain a gm of coffee to go stale in the next cup (lens hood mod aside), but might think twice if irreversible or more clumps?
  13. "upgrade about to take place" = definitely false advertising, i was expecting some pics of a strada, kvdw or ek43, not tech talk......
  14. oh yes please. tinker time at only 3 quid, bargain. pm me please. thnks
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