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  1. Sorry just seen your reply. My post was entirely on the premise it was A Fracino Bambino traditional machine. I have to say I was confused when you said you had to pump gauge 😂 sorry !
  2. Water will come out of the exhaust group solenoid if it’s failing or the pressure is too high. In addition to getting grind right etc as above check pump pressure gauge is at 9bar or whatever your preference is. If it is you additionally need a new group solenoid. If pumps reading higher then you need to adjust it down. This may solve the issue of water escaping the exhaust in the short term. Sort this first as the volumetrics will be wrong as waters going to drain not into the cup.
  3. Please see attached parker solenoid bodies as fitted to vast majority of machines. Ruby with stainless steel seat Viton with brass seat Ruby lasts far longer than viton. The viton is more forgiving as the seat wears hence it can be brass but this is only up until the viton has become to hard. As ruby is harder than stainless it should remain flat and level throughout its life (foreign objects aside) and wear the stainless seat evenly. In theory no external factors considered the valve will last until the s/s seat is worn to the bottom (in practise obviously this nev
  4. The above is not quite correct. The seal, be it viton or ruby, sits on a brass, nickel plated brass or stainless steel seat. Per the solenoid body specification. Ruby lasts longer than Viton as obviously it does not wear and/or go brittle brittle like rubber does. pay the extra couple of quid. cheers
  5. Aha yes not a small unit. But it has to be for big blades and motor! L Storage difficulties are a price worth paying I assure you!!! Glad you went for proper bag grinder. You won’t know how much you’d have regretted it if you’d got a domestic unit.
  6. Macap MC7 only 450 quid and a half decent deli grinder. It would be minimum I’d suggest.
  7. Motor failing to start is sign either capacitor is bad or the grind chamber is chockablock with compacted fine coffee grounds. full strip down and deep clean (ideal time to replace anti static strip too) and a replacement capacitor 2mf higher rated than the original sorts it in 99% of instances. hope this helps.
  8. As you’ve ready, Do not use the regular powder on aluminium. If the Alu is not Treated / coated it’ll remove the natural oxidised coating and leave it greasy. Puly brew tabs (you’ll have to crush them up) work wonders on aluminium.
  9. Hi Simon sounds very much like the blades are not level. Try removing them and ensuring the surface they screw onto is 100% free from debris. Best of luck
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