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  1. I'm mucho interested too on grind settings for this combo, if anyone has experimented? Thanks 😊
  2. ratty

    Zacconi Venezia Lever

    Thanks for that info. Sorry I am slow at typing and got out of synch.
  3. ratty

    Zacconi Venezia Lever

    Too late! I just bid and got a HP Elitebook 1040 G3, i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, for £250 used and with one port not functioning! I have been vaccuming and spraying my Toshiba for the last two years. I also stripped it down but didn't have the retentive brain power to take it any further! Happy with this buy and it should last me until EOL 😁 Back to important stuff, coffee machines!
  4. ratty

    Zacconi Venezia Lever

    Yes, 2 to £300 is a better ball park and I'm into functionality as opposed to looks, although the Zacconi has a slightly better build quality, the premium add on price doesn't tick the boxes. So, it looks like I will plump for a La Pavoni and hang on until I get a deal. Good job too as it looks like my 10 year old Toshiba Laptop is biting the dust. It keeps sending me nasty messages about overheating and it's definitely not about the speed of my typing! Thanks for the advice folks, any more will be much appreciated.
  5. ratty

    Zacconi Venezia Lever

    Thanks for the advice. I guess the La Pav is easier to source spares for then? Probably a better option. I won't jump in on the Zacconi as I usually do then! 😀
  6. There's one on the bay apparently barely used for £650, slightly more than I wanted to pay but hey ho! The person writes a bit 'James Bondish' in the description part though, or even 'Five Go Mad'.....by The Comic Strip 🤣 But, is this a fair price and is it a good lever machine? Or, on the other hand has anyone on here got an alternative lever for sale around the £500 mark? Also, I'm an ex engineer and attracted to a lever machine for the aesthetics and hands on approach, am I getting carried away and maybe should be looking for something different to this? Having upgraded to the Niche my present machine is seriously letting me down.
  7. Going over to St Helier Jersey on the 7th November for a couple of days. Driving a friend's car back to the Midlands as she doesn't like motorway driving. (I took it over for her in July 2018) Found this place to check out. Bean Around The World! 73 Halkett PlaceSt. HelierJerseyChannel Islands, UKJE2 4WH Will write a report on the visit there when I return.
  8. A touch pedantic but mine was £509 too, not £510 as I said!😉
  9. I rate it big time but am no expert. All I can say is the two people I have shown it to (not got many friends 😪) both decided to buy one!
  10. I've got the Lavazza milk frother, cost around the £35 mark I think! It's a good frother and will also warm milk. I use skimmed milk only in it, I tried full cream but am as happy with the skimmed.
  11. I have traveled over to the Burton Bridge Brewery in the past, a micro brewery in the shadow of the Bass brewery! 30 odd years ago (doesn't time fly?) it wasn't a problem having two pints and staying under the drink/drive limit for my 60 mile round trip. Too long in the tooth now to travel that distance so I stay local for my couple of pints at an independent pub and micro brewery. At present I'm only 3 miles away from the Lord Nelson in Ansley Village, where their on site micro brewery sells a few beers, under and just over the £3 mark depending on the ABV. Massively superior to the larger breweries beers, similar to the coffee selling scenario!
  12. Can confirm I just bought mine posted in the UK for £510. Ordered on Monday 7th October 2019 and it arrived on Wednesday 9th It was my lucky week. I also ordered the Feld 47 for travelling from Knocktop Ltd, on Wednesday 9th October 2019 and it arrived today Friday 11th. Been playing on the Zero since Wednesday and more than pleased!
  13. ratty

    "Taster Packs" ?

    Just ordered from Horsham but missed the 10% offer! Teach me to jump in where ponderous people fear to tread. In a similar vein I'm fairly new to small speciality coffee roasters, but I'm having a Niche Zero delivered tomorrow and I'm seriously excited!
  14. Ok, I've managed to get over my need to buy ground espresso. Just ordered the Niche Zero! I just want a decent machine now. I'm on the lookout, any suggestions are welcome?
  15. I grind just over the required amount in my entry level Krups GVX2 grinder, using it only to grind for the French Press and the Aeropress. I then weigh what I've ground straight into the presses on the scales out of the grind chamber, so won't really use the magic weighing spoon for them.😉 On my entry level Delonghi Scultura I buy the espresso pre-ground from a local supplier in small quantities to last a week or two, and then vacuum pack it once I get it home. (not in fridge!) I thought the spoon would be helpful for the bought ground espresso to save weighing on my scales (and spilling in my case!) and then having to transfer again to the filter for the Delonghi. Also I use the kitchen clock at the moment for timings but I want to tighten the parameters, hence the dual timer purchase. Meanwhile, dreaming of the Gaggia Classic and a Mazzer!😍
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