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  1. Hi Robert and welcome to the site. If you're interested; I will have 2 Gaggia Classics available in a couple of weeks. Both will be in excellent conditions. One has Mr Shades PID fitted with many new parts too, and the other one is almost mint for the year and more or less untouched apart from me having totally stripped it down and checked and cleaned everything. I've just added a front face pressure gauge to it and a full service. They're both made in Italy, year's 2004 and 2005. Watch this space for full descriptions in the for sale section shortly. By the way, I don't deal in machines, I'm upgrading and need to move on what I have and use daily myself at the moment. (Another 60 + member!)
  2. Too many beans, not enough time! 😭
  3. Seller not processing orders until January 28th according to ebay.
  4. I obviously get a little popcorning on the Niche but was round a fellow coffee 'nut's' and noticed a lot more popcorning and for a much longer period than I've ever had on mine. I never asked (being a relative newbie, though I should have!) and have since wondered whether it could have been lighter roasted beans than I ever use on mine, that are harder and more prone to bounce, or could it be using a finer grind setting than I usually use on mine? On the original question, there is nothing I don't like about my 'mantis' so far.
  5. I make a pot of curry for our bike club a couple of times a year when it's my turn at one of our monthly meetings I make it from scratch having all the required spices and herbs in the cupboard. Last time I thought I would speed things up and used the pressure cooker on the gas hob. Big mistake, I burnt the bottom of the pressure cooker that left a pervading burnt taste! 😮 Managed to rescue the chicken pieces, and what I found in the depths of the cupboards were a jar of, Patak's Tikka Masala, a jar ofJalfrezi and one of Butter Chicken plus a jar of Loyd Grossman's Tomato and Chilli sauce. Dumped all in a saucepan with the chicken and some previously prepared pulses, fried some onions and garlic and heated it all up. Transferred to the slow cooker to keep warm. "Best Curry Ever" some of the comments that night. Sometimes you just can't win!
  6. No relevance really, just a point in history I was privileged to be there for, so I couldn't resist mentioning it!
  7. Girlfriend has good taste. I like the Wild Cherry too in the website! It's not pink! ?
  8. I was returning from the Hippy trail to Marrakesh in 1975 overland, having just previously stopped in Barcelona with the party atmosphere as Franco had died. ?? Got to London somehow with a couple of quid left in me pocket and went into a McDonald's for the first time ever and ordered a burger. I was half starving but couldn't eat the cardboard burger and had to throw half of it away. Never been in one since! ?
  9. Drilled the 10mm hole. Probably set between the two examples shown! I only had ordinary HSS drill bits and made do with them! Drilled a 3mm pilot, took me a few goes and a few rests. Used water to cool down the drill bit. I got the 10mm drill bit started but it kept spinning in my cheapo cordless drill. Managed to get about half way through, and guess then that the material work hardened! Used an Aldi copy of a dremel to expand the original 3mm pilot hole, then managed to get an 8mm drill bit through. A bit more dremmeling and finally got through with the 10mm drill bit! Waiting on the 40mm Q-Max hole cutter to arrive, hopefully tomorrow or Saturday. Shockwaves supplier's on the ball as usual. Gauge arrived this morning, ordered same time as hole punch!
  10. I think the Niche will suffice for now! ? I used Transferwise,hope that was the best option? For some reason it wouldn't accept my two different banks accounts details? So paid with a credit card. Hope I haven't mucked up on charges for currency changes?
  11. Was surprised to see they were down to the last 3 machines! Thought I would have until around the end of March to reconsider a purchase? Glad I checked on the thread. Money transfer sent (gulp!) Think I will be putting my other machines up for sale soon (NOT for silly prices though! ?)
  12. Hi Paola. I'm back again and have stayed off the port! I would like to purchase one of the remaining Vesuvius's please? Thanks Ratty
  13. Reignited my recent desire for a Vesuvius. I'm definitely into function over aesthetics any day of the week! I may take the plunge 'again' shortly?!
  14. Aren't they both the same then? I may be interested in putting in a lowish bid. Not worked on them before but always up for a challenge!
  15. Good job, looks quite a bit higher than michael87's gauge. I already have the boiler out of the 2004 that I am going to drill, taken out for inspection purposes. I think it will be easier to fully clean with an empty case, before reassembly after drilling. Thanks for all your help people. ?
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