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  1. Running seriously low on coffee somehow? I'm waiting for Steampunk to release their coffee we had from LSOL October. Probably been my favourite since Drop last year! 1. tsouthwell 2. E404 3. ratty 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.
  2. Hi Welcome. For question 2. I'm not an expert on fluid mechanics but as I see it the pressure is shown by the two types of gauges mentioned in a 'closed' system. So when the OPV is altered, the system is altered and the pressure alters either higher or lower depending on the spring pressure in the OPV that allows water to escape when it's above its OPV set pressure point. So the two pressure gauges would read almost the same. with possibly some small losses later in the system due to the cooling of the liquid, friction etc. When the pressure at the OPV, with the gauges in t
  3. Personally I have my small scales next to the Niche with a small aluminium bowl always on it. The beans are in a small Airscape there too. I keep it half full, a few days worth, the rest are kept in a cold room under vacuum seal. Switch cheap scales on, open Airscape container, by this time scale lag has zeroed. Pour beans into aluminium bowl until correct weight and then transfer to grinder.
  4. All machines now sold Thanks all for your inputs. Best wishes and have a great Xmas all. ratty x
  5. Sounds a good idea. I would have to do the same! Not been to the capital for ages. Living in North Warwickshire now as you can see from my avatar?
  6. That sounds interesting, someone who knows about them may pick up on this at some point What area of London are you living in?? @Olielee
  7. @HeliosFA Really sorry, money has come through from the buyer for the 2014 Classic Just the pre 2015 machine left now in the 2015 case. For me this is the best machine out of the four. It depends whether you intend to sell it on in the future, or keep the machine for years. If you think it's going to be a keeper for you I highly recommend it. If you intend to sell it on after a while if 'upgraditis' kicks in, because it's a 'hybrid', it will be more difficult to sell It has the best and newest case of the four, It has more new parts than the four. I love it
  8. Take it as you are first reserve. If the payment falls through I will Message you at 5pm today 16/11/2020. We can go straight to messages as you have now made a firm offer on the thread. Thanks ratty
  9. Yes, sorry! The forum rules state the person who makes the 'buy' offer first on the thread, NOT by messaging! gets the sale item. The two gold machines are now both sold. The 2014 machine is sold pending payment by 5pm today. If not received by then, it goes back on sale. Thanks for your interest
  10. Yes it's still available. I will PM you if you want to buy it? @javmc
  11. Welcome. How long have you lived in Birmingham? Best wishes ratty
  12. It is mild steel with a gold chrome coating. The few rust spots are so minimal that it wasn't worth treating. You can see the only rust spots on the picture I've just taken of it (Sorry it's a bit dark!) I'm attaching, on the right hand side where the drip tray sits. The usual place at the back, on the right hand side of the water tank has no corrosion spots at all. I would probably consider a mild treatment then a spray of Rustoleum crystal clear spray, in a year or two or maybe even longer. N.B. Don't forget that's all the corrosion that's occurred in nearly 23 years! I've not hear
  13. Thanks. Slim drip trays are included with the gold machines. A Rancilio steam wand with a Classic nut fitted is an extra £15 for them. The Rancilio steam wand is fitted to the brushed steel machines included in the price. The slim drip trays are £20 extra for them two if required. Long story about taking a break! Sure I've mentioned it on a thread here somewhere!
  14. Temperature control is achieved by fitting a PID costing just under £100. Probably best if you do a search on the forum, lots of threads on fitting PID's. Cheers
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