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  1. Negotiations need to be carried out openly on this sale thread, guess you didn't know as you are a new member @Dave double bean Pm's are when a final agreement has been reached on this thread.
  2. I just sent one and paid for it fully insured, cost me £27. It got to London the next day from the midlands. I booked it through ParcelHero who book space on a few firms and are reputedly a little cheaper than booking direct. I packed it and it was collected from my doorstep, non contact.
  3. ratty

    Tamping Stand/Station

    I'll take this at asking price please. @Callahan @eddie57
  4. Just filled mine with water and its been standing for half hour with no leaks. If I had a small leak I would be inclined to run a soldering iron over a small hole to fix it!
  5. Postal system done well! I used ParcelHero that bulk buy space. Cost me £27 fully insured, expensive but I thought it was required? It arrived at buyer's address in London this morning
  6. Thank you so much for this Mudlark13 I just received mine in the post and I'm humbled that you sold these for such a good price when the postage cost you £2.95, also with the cost of the padded envelope on top! Great to see a member not profiteering in the current climate, to assist other members. Once again, Thanks
  7. Item paid for and posted off today. It should arrive to seller on Monday. Thanks
  8. We can go to messages now. I will send you my email address for Paypal payment. If you pay by paypal friends, and family, there is no charges accrued. I will get the parcel collected from my doorstep with a reliable company that I will have to find. You will need to send me your name and address for posting Cheers
  9. Liked these a lot too, last beans this morning. I've been having 2 French press in the morning using 13g with milk. Niche on calibrate mark. Latte later using 16g in machine. Niche on 11 mark.
  10. Pictures of 2005 Gaggia Classic machine. First picture shows the mirror reflection. Mirror placed on the left of the drip tray.
  11. Hi Hank, Very happy to post it to you safely to North London. It's yours if you are happy with the pictures I will post a bit later this morning. Best Wishes ratty
  12. Upgraded to a profiling machine so; This total refurbed 2005 Classic is for sale. I've had this machine around 5 months and when I got it I started on a total refurbishment. I totally stripped down the machine. The OPV was seized in position, first job was to buy a new one and replace it and eventually set it to 9.5 bar. The solenoid was working ok but I stripped it down and cleaned it out and replaced bolts and o rings I removed the main switch bank to access the boiler and that fell apart! A new switch bank ordered and fitted. The group head was chipped where the portafilter slots in. I bought a 2006 machine at a good price and I swapped the head and boiler from the 2006 model with the 2005. The 2006 model with the 2005 boiler and head fitted was still acceptable as the head group although chipped, still sealed under pressure, and I then sold the 2006, cheaply on ebay, pointing out its problem. The 'new' boiler and group head was descaled and fitted with all new bolts and gaskets. I fitted a blue cafelat head gasket, new boiler gasket and a new brass shower head, new bolts and also a new shower screen. Fitted a new Invensys CP3A 85W pump and a new rubber Eaton support for it's damping. The MrShades PID was procured and fitted, both brew and steam SSR's fitted and are fully operational. At the moment the PID case is loose on top of the cup holder as I hadn't quite decided where I wanted to permanently mount it with the double sided tape. That can be up to the new owner, although it is fully operational like it is. I have the tape to send. I have the case sitting on an insulated 'sandwich' of my own making that greatly reduces any latent heat reaching the PID case. The machine has been back flushed with just a few coffees made since, and is running perfectly Rancilio wand mod is fitted also. It comes with the original portafilter in good condition. A new botomless portafilter, both of them have double filter baskets. There's also a blind basket for backflushing or checking the OPV pressure. A walnut handled tamper and also a magnetic stand and round mirror to watch the coffee dispensing from the bottomless portafilter, without needing to bend down. around £250 spent on parts not including the initial £150 cost of the machine or the cost of the 2006 machine. I will accept £234 and £15 for the insured postage. Sorry no offers All replies to be on this thread and not by private message until completion. Thanks Pictures to come tomorrow (Thursday 2/4/2020)
  13. I use the small airscape for the beans I'm using for the next few days and use the larger "Tomorrow's Kitchen" vacuum containers found on Amazon, for longer term storage. They have different sizes, the best for beans is the one that holds 500g costs £20, and the one to hold easily a kilo, costs £29.99. I find these great, although the larger one takes a lot of pumps to expel the air. I use these after degassing in the beans original bags.
  14. Just spotted this. I'll have one too please @Mudlark13
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