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  1. I just paid for it and received it to my home address - no extra charges!
  2. I just tried the naked earth wire from another Classic and it fits the winged connectors. So it is as you said, the shrouds that are different! (I should have thought of that before!) I have gone ahead and ordered now (6.3/ 1/4") I've ordered crimpers too. Thanks all for your help.
  3. Both the same with double wings.
  4. Taste of bean intensified today in the French press. Massive intense flavours, really a big change from the quite subtle yesterday. As others said it's taken this long to reach its peak.
  5. I measured the width of the three connectors on the solenoid valve. The bottom single one measures 6.3mm (0.250") wide. The other two (that I'm having problems with!) measures 3.2mm (0.125")wide at the top. Where the two 'wings' start the measurement is then 4.95mm (0.190") wide?
  6. I am old school and use non digital calipers. I have had and in fact I have got some digital calipers but have found (probably over the last 30 years!) that it is too easy for them not to be zeroed every time used, even on the same measurement. I did have a half decent digital caliper in the 90's cost £70 and last me a few years, but finally died. Usually it's due to the battery compartment coming loose, which can end up with wrong measurements if the connection is flickering on and off. The cheapo digital are very temperamental I've found, so I seem to always go back to my no
  7. First thing I 'dumped' the drip tray, it's naff! Everything else is brill!
  8. No! It's probably the bulb gone. You will get one from @FairRecycler and check the video online for replacement. It's fiddly and easily messed up, follow all stages closely. It looks like you will have problems with some of the bolts. Use release oil first for soaking and all I can advise is use good tooling not 50p hex keys. Good luck there are lots of vids to help you. This is what can be found with descriptions of well looked after and serviced I'm afraid!
  9. Still not been able to find info on what connector fits the two connectors on the solenoid valve. I've tried the 'normal' connectors that all the others are, but they will not push onto the solenoid connectors. Anyone know?
  10. "That is the Question." Sorry wrong thread! 🤣
  11. It has been advertised a day. I don't know if anyone is nearby? £25 only Ad ID: 1384494148
  12. French press and espresso, happy with both. Subtle compared to a full on bean but must admit I like it a lot. I can always tell when I have 2 french press in the mornings and one double espresso (with milk) at lunchtime. If I don't particularly really like a bean, I will miss one of my three daily coffee's out, not doing that here for the last few days!
  13. Thanks for that, but the female terminal that fits the flat male one on the valve will not fit on the other two thinner but wider terminals.
  14. I'm a bit in the dark with practical electrics but are attempting to add some missing wiring to a Classic machine So what I really want to know is how to measure male and female spade terminals, so I know what sizes to buy' I've looked online but cannot find a simple explanation. Can anyone explain how I measure the two different size male terminals on the solenoid valve pictured, and even which female connectors I need to fit on them? Thanks
  15. I joined a kickstarter for a N99 face mask in May. I just got the email saying its been posted to me, should have been ready early July! To be expected though really. I have a Knock Feld 47 bought for a 3 week holiday booked in Turkey for May this year. Holiday cancelled of course!
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