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  1. A bit late with an answer but just came across this post while searching! Yes, the power switch does come out of the machine you just need to press the four plastic tabs in carefully and it will come out.
  2. Great, So just the white one is available now if anybody wants it? ratty
  3. This is still up for Free! The messaging dried up, I assume it was no longer wanted. It is in top condition but I will have to start to bin it (a bit at a time!) early next week. I picked up another Baby around the same time for parts. That too has been put back together but not in as good condition (maybe only dirty?) it's a white one. Collect from Bedworth, Warks or I will post either for £15 P&P ratty
  4. Yes, the Stainless steel was only used for aesthetic purposes. I put anti seize paste on the threads to help corrosion resistance. The round end cap can be quite easily removed by just removing the top by unscrewing the two screws. The round end cap can be loosened with mole grips and then by hand. The cap does not need to be screwed on very tight, just to keep it in the 'locked in' position. On the gold coloured brass I've been using brass fitting hexagons there.
  5. I took your advice and did the mod on the new valve. I used a stainless steel round end cap as the material matched the steam valve's matt silver colour. I also had to drill a 6mm hole in the end and a touch on the hole with a dremel to ensure the stem turned freely.
  6. Try using some PTFE tape on the portafilter threads. Wind it on the same way as the gauge screws on (clockwise!), a couple of turns should seal it ok and give you a true pressure reading of the closed system. The pressure in the closed system will be approximately 0.5 bar higher than with coffee in the basket so if you set the gauge at 9.5 bar it should be 9 bar when extracting coffee
  7. Is it worth doing the mod on a new steam valve on a refurbished Classic, or should that be left up to the potential buyer do you think?
  8. All overall sizes and thread size? If I can do it, it won't be so pretty!
  9. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I call mine "The Praying Mantis". Careful or it will eat you up, with zero retention! 🤣
  10. Yes my mistake. Cases are 1.5 and 1.2mm!🙂
  11. I understand. Was looking at it from the view of a sometime refurbisher, as the parts I fit have to be charged otherwise I would be refurbishing to lose money rather than to totally improve the machine. I also don't charge for labour, just parts and initial cost of the machine. Must say I have never bought a Classic for £60 though. I think I'm lucky if I can get one worth refurbishing for £150 nowadays! So including your initial great value cost for the Classic and your new parts, it add up to £200, what you're asking for the machine? Great buy for someone with them mods ad
  12. Huh! New boiler £45 New seals £10 New Thermostats £20 New dispersion plate £30 Reworked steam valve £20 Sylvia Steam wand £15 Total costs of your new parts £140 Cost of Classic ???? Not really sure what you mean about making money? ratty
  13. 2002 to 2004 are the best cases, at 2.5mm thick stainless steel. It got reduced to 2.2mm in 2005 Sylvia steam wand mod, larger solenoid valve and modded OPV pressure. New seals throughout, and stainless steel dispersion plate and new boiler (Guess it's a 1300W boiler?) I would say it's worth a minimum of £250 plus P&P
  14. Yes no probs it's yours. It will take me a couple of days to put it back together and package it up. I will let you know when it's ready, and postage cost. ratty
  15. Just picked up a Baby for the internals. Stripped out and I don't like the idea of throwing the rest of it away. Black plastic and silver metal parts in good condition, very little use I would say going by the boiler and group head condition. Cost of postage only. Don't know what that would be but it's around the same size as a Classic. ratty
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