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  1. Of course. £10 okay? including postage
  2. Fantastic- lets move to PM
  3. As far as I can tell I haven't had any clear offers still.
  4. I think paypal gives you some options for protection, as far as I can tell this is for the buyer's benefit but it does get deducted from the amount the seller receives and I've been burned by it by not specifying this before. Happy to take bank transfer or cash on collection (near Sevenoaks) as fee-free methods of payment
  5. Hello, I have the 58mm portafilter holder attached. From memory there was a different size one that you could swap out but I haven't seen it in a while and I'm afraid it might be deep in storage. For espresso I found somewhere between 3 and 15 on the dial was appropriate for unpressurized basket (gaggia classic), depending on the time since roasting. It worked great, I just got upgraditis faster than expected. Let me know if that's acceptable and I'd be happy to sell for £130 posted if you're happy to cover any buyer protection fees (PayPal etc). I just want it to go to use at this stage.
  6. Can't upload a picture of the sweepers because of this forums image limit. So let me know if you want to see that close up and I'll find another host
  7. Hello Selling due to upgrade. I have recycled the original packaging so it's JUST the grinder and the hopper and cleaning brush in a hefty box full of bubble wrap. Purchased from John Lewis in October 2019 and used for about 5kg of beans in total. No warranty info to transfer (lost with the package). Based on my recent price check I'll set asking price at £150 including postage royal mail 48hrs signed for. Plus any buyer protection you go for. I can only attach one photo at a time so more coming of burrs close up.
  8. I have a 40mm tall motta funnel that fits the classic (58mm) going spare if you'd like that one. Part no 5200/40, brand new Not sure what forum rules are if I need a2nd thread?
  9. 8 months old from JL but no warranty (lost it), just the grinder and hopper, had about 5kg of beans through it. Want to shift it as upgraded but no idea what's fair. I'm thinking £10 postage royal mail 48
  10. That's what I'm looking for, just without the logo on the front. So thick.
  11. I really like my loveramics egg range. Still looking for a massively thick plain white espresso cup that isn't 20 quid postage
  12. Maybe they wanted to exercise some of their own free speech?
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