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  1. I think it may help to post what you are doing and what readings you are getting.
  2. Is there normally no blonding? I've never seen the liquid turn thin before it blonds.
  3. Is a higher number a finer grind on your machine? I am confused
  4. Great! The only other advice I can give us to use PTFE or tighten the nuts properly. Speaking from experience, 9 bar of water pressure is a lot of water pressure.
  5. Sorry, that wasn't clear. I mean it helped to give me clearer examples of over and under extraction. I dropped the temperature and got something really sour. Then increased it and got something very bitter. So now I kind of have a reasonable benchmark. I think Jason11 might be onto something in saying a sweet shot is " not really what I would call sweet."
  6. I have this issue with espresso. It tastes so strong I often don't know where I am with flavor. I often get bitter (burnt) but can't really tell sour will. And I think I might confuse it with astringency quite often. I find people giving me words doesn't help much as I don't really seem to be able to make associations that way. One day I'm going to try separating the shot into five parts and taste then one by one. I think that might help... And changing the brew temperature certainly helped.
  7. I wrote a build log that may be helpful last year In particular this photo with the location of the center hole. It is in line with the line that separates the words Classic and GAGGIA. Do not go any lower than this!!!
  8. Would be really interested to see the dimmer install. I want to do this too (have fitted front face pressure gauge) but don't quite have a plan formed yet.
  9. Sorry- one went into milk for the wife, and I have not calibrate yet so both quite bitter!
  10. I just tried this. Pulled shot, dropped from 93 to 89, after 2 minutes back to 93deg but took another ~5 minutes to stabilise around 93 (was going between 92.5 and 94 for a while). I might try to recalibate it as it didn't seem to be doing it right.
  11. Good point- I'm not sure anything will do two back-to-back milk drinks on a budget of £1000 (including grinder), even a used HX
  12. Would you consider buying used? Pre-2015 Gaggia Classics are generally considered to be better (adjustable pressure and no auto poweroff which prevents you from pre-heating the machine) and cost ~150 rather than what ~400 for a new one.
  13. Have been using this for a week now. It has shown me the difference that 1 degree makes in brewing. I don't have a refined taste, and even struggle to distinguish bitter from sour sometimes, but I turned the temp from 93 to 92 and it makes a WORLD of difference (way more sour). And then up to 94, again, completely different shot (quite bitter). A single degree. I am sure this machine, without a PID, is varying over at least 5 degrees. So I conclude that this is clearly necessary (though not sufficient) to get consistent tasting coffee. Even a good temp surfing regime could be off by 0.5 - 1 deg, as the PID shows temperature changing very quickly (especially when the element is on). So you would need to be very consistent in timings to get close to this. Really amazing. And now, after opening this can of worms, I will stop fiddling with temp. I will set it to 93 and work on everything else!
  14. I just got a pack of this in the mail. Anyone have any suggestions on what ratio/temp to get the best from it?
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