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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a grinder to go with recently purchased fracino cherub. Thinking of either a Mignon specialita or niche zero if anyone thinking of selling one. Currently using a Porlex tall grinder which I have been using with the Aeropress. I'm happy to keep this for the aeropress, so the ability of the niche to more easily go from espresso to coarser grind isn't a deal breaker. Nor am I particularly wedded to either hopper or single dosing. Interested to know what is out there, and if anyone has experience with both and would strongly advise one over the other? Thanks
  2. Hi Blaven, Im interested. Do you have any pics? Do you mind me asking why you are selling so soon? Do you know when you will be in Knutsford over Xmas? I will be in the Altrincham area 21-24th Dec if that fits with your travel plans.
  3. I'm considering the same at the moment. Trying to decide whether the Mignon Specialita at c£360 is worth the extra compared to the Mk2 which I would expect to get at c£180-200. Will be paired with Fracino Cherub, mainly making espresso for me and flat white for my wife.
  4. I recently discovered Shiloh coffee, in Mabgate Mills just the other side of town (LS9 7DZ). Nice little coffee shop with a limited but tasty lunch menu. Slowly working through some of their beans.
  5. Ajc


    Forgot to say, after a year of loving my Aeropress I've recently taken the plunge and bought a Fracino Cherub. On the look out to buy a suitable grinder to go with it.
  6. Ajc


    Hi, I've browsed the site for a while before getting round to signing up. Some very helpful advice and information on here which is much appreciated. I spent a year in Adelaide last year and was overwhelmed at the quality of coffee out there. We totally got the bug and have enjoyed searching out decent coffee shops now we are back in Leeds. Can't believe the rubbish we were happy to drink before! Andy
  7. HI all, Glad I stumbled upon this thread. I live in Calverley but am often Ilkey/Harrogate way and really helpful to know where there we can stop for a decent coffee there with the kids. Thanks! Andy
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