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  1. ASDevon

    Eureka Atom 60E £350

    Hi Thanks for that sure thing re shipping and glad we can work something out. Appreciated re the price and happy to offer £340 on that basis. Hope it’s ok to go to messaging now to sort out the details. Appreciate you are on hols and I am away a bit etc so guess it might take a few weeks to work out a date and time so hope that’s ok. Sorry to hear about the weather..oh the joys of a UK holiday. Thanks.
  2. Hi Sorry not spotted some of these replies before. Thanks all for the thoughts. I am up near Chudleigh so think our water is likely to come from Hennock reservoirs, suspect it its similar to Burrator but quite so ‘just off Dartmoor’. Thinking removing the chlorine is the main factor. Britta good enough if changed frequently?
  3. ASDevon

    Eureka Atom 60E £350

    Hi Good to know and thanks. Know it’s not your preference but Would you consider shipping it as I am in Devon? Few days late to catch you before you came down...guessing you don’t just take it on holiday ha ha. Or failing that might you meet part way say something like Glos services. Finally, are you fixed on price or would a reasonable offer be at least considered? Hope weather in Cornwall is better than Devon today. cheers
  4. ASDevon

    Eureka Atom 60E £350

    Hi Just wondered if this is still for sale? Also if so roughly where in the West Mids are you? Thanks
  5. Hi Suspect this has long gone as your post was a while back but just wondered if you still have it as I might be interested. Thanks
  6. Hi Just wanting to see if this is still for sale? Thanks
  7. Hi Very much a new entrant and think I am third or fourth in line but if it doesn’t work out with any others I will take both at the asking price of £1000 as desperate to upgrade and this would fit the bill nicely. Thanks.
  8. Thanks, will try to get a precise figure. Good point re other taints. Flavour and machine life both considerations for sure.
  9. ASDevon


    Thanks both, will trawl the posts and apologies as probably done so first. Thinking HX or possibly a dual but thought my budget might not get me that far. Realise it is a little personal taste/preference as to technique but any views on whether it is better to go for a good HX or lower end dual? Thanks again
  10. ASDevon


    Hi All Currently using a Silvia and an MC2, my first 'proper ish' setup. Welcome some thoughts on the next possible step up. Unfortunately budget is circa £1,000 so may limit my choices but will consider second hand. Any thoughts much appreciated
  11. Hi New as well and envious of the Niche choice, would be good to see a report on how you find it as thinking of taking the plunge myself.
  12. Hello All Very much a newbie to the forum so please excuse if this is in the wrong area or the topic has been done to death already. We live in a fairly soft water area (edge of Dartmoor) and generally water quality it good from what I read. Mainly thinking with regard to espresso machine use how essential do you think filtration is in my case and if it is seen as essential what are the best budget options. Look forward to the benefits of your collective wisdom. Thanks Alister
  13. ASDevon


    Hello All New forum member. Currently have a Silvia and an MC2 but looking to change. Look forward to getting some suggestions as to what next. Thanks Alister
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